Where is Tom Cruise when Davey needs him?


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Tom has been conspicuous in his absence.

His best mate, "the greatest leader in the world", is under the hot spot light of multiple accusations of violence, abuse and demeaning his juniors.

So, what does Tom say?


Where's Tom doing an interview to the theme of mission impossible saying that he was side by side with David Miscavige every day and he never abused his staff. He let them eat and sleep and he is in fact "the greatest leader" that ever lived, where is Tom saying that HE and HE alone is the most qualified as he knows ALL the great leaders of the world and Davey is a giant among Kings.


Jus' askin.....

I'm waiting for him to come on TV and say that he knows every inch of David's body.



I'm waiting for him to come on TV and say that he knows every inch of David's body.




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Russian Mail Order Brides

I caught this program on mail order brides last night. They had twins from Russia who want to come to the US to be movie stars. T

The interviewer was asking them which movie star they wanted to be like so they were naming all these stars. The interviewer said something about TC and they were like noooo, not Tom Cruise.

Hahahaha! Not even Russian mail order brides like TC.

:omg: that is PRICELESS


I wouldn't expect many women to want to be like a male movie star, whoever it is.


Actually, Paul, they named a couple of male actors like Leonardo whatever his name is and someone else. I am thinking they meant they wanted to LIVE like the actors they named or have careers like them. I think that they just didn't know how to explain it in English.

They were really cute girls. I hope they can come here without becoming mail order brides. :omg:


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Tom is at the scene of an accident.

Although he is fully hatted on what to do when you are driving BY the scene of an accident.....he hasn't studied Ron's tech about what do to if you are IN an accident.

He has a very bad engram from a head-on collision between himself, the Scientologist, and Reality.

We hope another Scientologist will soon drive BY the scene cuz they are the authorities on auditing out the dub-in called truth.