Where is Tommy? Everything "Tommy Davis" posted here!

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To assist any newbies who just got out - Here is some information about the EX Scientology Spokesperson - Tommy Davis.

Tommy Davis is getting deposed in some lawsuits against the Church of Scientology regarding FRAUD and harassment.

We hope Tommy Davis tells the truth! He needs to come clean and tell the truth about WHY HE BLEW!


Here is another video~!


If Scientology was everything Tommy Davis said it was and David Miscavige was expanding his church - he would not have BLOWN!

Please keep them coming - hopefully Tommy will get the appropriate support to tell the truth about David Miscavige and Scientology.

He will feel so much better and will be accepted here with open arms!!

Come on out Tommy - get it off your chest!


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Oh, Tommy. Now that's a tell-all I'm salivating to read....oh, a girl can dream! Interesting guy, no doubt. I was never really quite sure what to make of Tommy. At first, I tried to dismiss him as a psychopath...but, the more I saw him the more I just saw a terrified little boy. Desperately seeking approval and trying to save his own ass...in too deep with seemingly no way out. Whatever the circumstances may be for why he left, I really hope do hope he's woken up and realized a few things. Not just about his 'church', but, himself. I believe Lawrence Wright popped by Tommy's house in Austin and Tommy claimed nothing had changed and he was still very much a scientologist and not exactly thrilled to see Lawrence. But, that was pretty fresh. Curious how he feels now. I figured even if he blew, he'd try to not rock the boat and lose his mother. Who knows. Find your voice, Tommy.


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Tommy IS the Leader of Anonymous - nobody eva did as much as he to show the true side of the toxic cult called $cientology.:happydance:

He's still undercover but working very hard:coolwink:

I always saw him as a rich kid who'd never had to do a real day's work in his life who suddenly had a total psycho for a boss who demanded not just the impossible, but the totally insanely unreasonable on a daily basis.

And beat up anyone who didn't achieve that.:angry:


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If you miss him that much, why don't you just call him?? (512) 382-0577. Tell him, I sent you. :wink2:
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