Where's "Emma Goldman?"


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She was a college student from a prominent Scientology family. I never asked which one.

In a fit of rebellion, she started posting to ARS. Nobody was gonna tell HER who she could or couldn't talk to! We talked privately, and she was a lot of fun!
She was funny, articulate and witty; we collaborated on an hysterically funny menu for a Scientology-themed restaurant we called "Hubbard's Cupboard."

But then, down came the cult hammer. She was attending college in China. Her folks threatened to cut off funding if she continued to communicate with SPs.

So, she closed her email accounts and vanished. I wonder about her from time to time. Is she free? Is she disconnected? Did she get sucked back into the swirling maelstrom of Hubbard's madness?

I figure she might wind up here eventually if she's free to do so. I just hope they haven't crushed all the humor out of her bean!

So, "Emma," if you are here, drop me a line. You're one of the people I'd really like to meet irl.
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