Which was Hubbard's Best Fictional Work?


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Yes, thanks Paul, I hadn't read the whole thing at the time I posted..so wrong assumption on my part..

I made a similar assumption actually. But it was so off the wall I had to check out the article to see what was actually said. I posted the excerpt because I assumed others might also make a similar assumption.

Well, no one could accuse Robin of having no balls. Common sense and sanity at times, sure. He reminds of a friend I used to have. I'd see him every few years and he was always engaged in some oblique-angle shit like this. Last I heard from him he was doing some business deal in Vietnam and had gone on a two day bender, which resulted in him waking up in the jungle without any shoes. :eyeroll:

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I think he was pretty much of a hack writer. I donated some money to Author Serivces one time and said I didn't want anything but they sent me a rack of leatherbound books anyway.
Gawd, what tripe!
His westerns were dogshit--not even researched out properly. Part of my chidhood was on a real ranch--85,000 acres. And I still have horses and rodeo.
The man knew nothing--not a thing of that way of life.
His science fiction I thought was bs too. BE or ME did not interest me even though as a good little Scilon I read them. Oh I got one thing--the peppermint to handle an upset stomach.
That's a good fix.
As far as I'm concerened, one can read some of the course room books like DMSMH...now there's some fiction with some "stay power"!
As far as all this worry about what he wrote and things being changed. I have a friend who was in compliations and wrote just about everything for him. He merely reviewed and approved after my friend read all the notes and research and tapes etc. on it and wrote it up. And get this: some references he was told to read were not written by him either.
Look, I think anyone who cooks up some captain's hat for himself
and gives himself the name "Commadore" is out of his ever loving fucking mind.
And I feel like a fool for ever going for one single thing in his cockeyed mind.

What little of his classified "fiction" I had read I thought was crap. Never read any "westerns", but his "Sci-Fi" was also badly researched. Even when you create your own "universe" (a la Star Wars) where you can make up your own rules, you still have to follow them.

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I liked Old Man Methuselah. It's not classic science-fiction or anything, rough around the edges, but Hubbard could spin a good yarn when he actually made the effort (nowhere is this more apparent than in Scientology, obviously).

If we're going for the sarcastic kind of answers, I'd have to answer History of Man. I used to be fascinated by that stuff, and laughed a great deal at Piltdown man, the clam, and so on.


How about "History of Man"

Though it is supposed to be non fiction, "History of Man" is some of the best Science Fiction you will ever find.:

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I would have to believe the Best Fictional Work of Hubbard would hands down have to be the Last Will and Testament he signed the very day before he croaked. :duh:


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I actually enjoyed Buckskin Brigades.

Oh well. I really did. I feel like I'm writing into "True Confessions" magazine or something. :unsure: