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News from the Village Voice! :

Scientology Petition Meets Its Goal: Will Obama Wiggle Out of It? (UPDATED)
By Tony Ortega Fri., Oct. 21 2011 at 1:40 PM

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"Just three days ago, we pointed out that a White House petition regarding Scientology had a long way to go to meet its Monday deadline of 5,000 signatures.

But a big surge in signatures pushed the petition past 5,000 last night.

And now, the Obama administration will apparently have to address the petition's message: why did the FBI stop looking into Scientology's reported abuse of its staff members?

Obama's crew will make a statement, that is, if it doesn't try to worm out of it by saying nothing at all. After the jump, we'll explain what we mean.

In September, the White House launched an online petition process that had long been promised. According to the Wall Street Journal, the system at WhiteHouse.gov has been swamped with 10,000 petitions.

Currently, the petition with the most signatures (70,354) is "Legalize and Regulate Marijuana Similar to Alcohol." In second place, with 50,349 signatures, is an appeal to look into "misconduct" in the prosecution of Brooklyn kosher meat king Sholom Rubashkin (a story we covered in depth three years ago).

As of this writing, the Scientology petition, which was started on September 24 by Graham Berry, has 5,390 signatures, more than enough to meet the threshold of 5,000 votes which the White House set when it started the program.

But, as the WSJ article points out, the online system was hit with so many petitions that easily and quickly met the 5,000-signature threshold, the White House recently moved the goalposts: now petitions will need to gather 25,000 signatures to meet their goal and merit an official response from the Obama administration.

"The White House double crosses us!" Berry wrote at his Facebook account when he realized that the threshold had been changed.

But he calmed down when word went around that petitions that had already started under the 5,000 threshold would continue to have that goal. The Scientology petition, in other words, was grandfathered and didn't need to meet the 25,000-signature minimum.

"Thresholds are subject to change, but changes will not be applied retroactively," is how the White House site puts it.

Still, there's been no official word on how the Scientology petition will be reckoned, and while we're trying to get through to someone at the White House about it, we'll just have to wait and see what sorts of responses other petitions get -- Obama's people are supposed to begin putting out responses next week to the first petitions that made their threshold."



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News from the Village Voice! :

If & when President Obama gets wind of Hubbards/Scientologys take on 'negroes', "Wassa madda wit you, hat?" things may take a definite shift in regard to government ambivalence, in the United States of America, in regard to the International Corporation/World Wide Cult called Scientology. When it hits home. On a very real level, Mr. President.

Here's the audio: http://www.xenu.net/archive/multimedia.html#negro

It's stunning in its mockery.


all we say is our opinion. nothing more. nothing less. To a relatively small (though powerful) internet population.

...though hopefully to the President of the United States also...

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I tried to sign this from England, but I just get an empty box. The WhiteHouse header is there but the rest of the page won't load?!

I didn't have any problem.

BTW you guys are just magic. We all made it happen. Now get to work Obama. This will be VERY interesting. Nothing will stop us Dinky Davey.


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In honor of surpassing 5,000 signatures, I have decided to release a confidential new level for The Bridge to Total Suppression, and let you all have it for free. It is called "The Wall of Smoke and Mirrors".

1. Clay demo David Miscavige.
2. Clay demo Federal Prison.
3. Clay demo David Miscavige IN Federal Prison.
4. Log onto Youtube and search for "Anonymous rick rolls Scientology". Watch videos until you have a cognition.

The end phenomenon for this level is laughter directed at the Church of Scientology.