Who impregnated Katie?


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"Last night Larry King hosted Larry Birkhead, the boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith who is demanding that Anna be compelled to submit Dannielynn Hope Smith Marshall Birkhead Stern Khamenei to a paternity test. Larry Birkhead said that Anna Nicole Smith was suffering from a drug problem, presumably cocaine. Larry Birkhead told Larry King and a world wide audience that he had impregnated Anna Nicole Smith earlier but unfortunately she had miscarried.

A better question would be “Who impregnated Katie Holmes?” The first wife :eek: of Tom Cruise Mimi Rogers claimed that Tom Cruise was infertile. Tom Cruise did not father a child for Nicole Kidman. How did Katie Holmes get pregnant and why isn’t Larry King asking this question? Is it because he is afraid that the illuminati leaders of the Church of Scientology who brought down the twin towers on 911 will come to get him? The 500 million dollar question is “Whose sperm was in the test tube that may have been used to impregnate Katie Homes?”


Actually, Tom Cruise isn't infertile - Tom and Nicole do have a miscarried child between them. That would say more about whether his sperm contains defective genes that would cause miscarriage, or the state of Nicole's health during her pregnancy though.
Well, you have to admit, Suri thus far doesn't have much of a family resembalance.

It's like the new mom in the matermity ward, cradling her child for the first time with a look of frozen shock on her face and thinking to herself "Shit... It looks just like the goddamned plumber!":duh: