Who KILLED Shelly?


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"Where is Shelly?" is a valid question, since she hasn't been seen in years. "Who killed Shelly?" is just sensationalistic bullshit, as long as you don't have her corpse and it does show at least some hints of her having been killed.

Also, if you ask "Where is Shelly?" and she shows up one day, you can just say "Oh, there she is" and everything is fine. If you ask "Who killed Shelly?" and they present her alive and well, you'd look pretty stupid. Deservedly so, I might add

Therefore, I'd say "Where is Shelly?" is the right way to go.

I agree but Shelly is not unique. What about all the other people who have vanished into the maw of the cult and have not been seen for years. They were not all famous Scis with famous friends but they also lost their freedom and in some cases their lives.

The CoS can probably wriggle out of one complaint, or ignore it, but they have had to react, which they don't like, and they have got nothing but bad PR out of Where is Shelly.

Let's see how they cope with a list of 20 or 30 or 100 people whose last address was c/o Scientology.