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Just a note about civil lawsuits in case anyone unfamiliar with them has the mistaken idea that the party suing (the plaintive) is doing so for reasons other than money.

1. The lawsuit is filed in order to win. Winning in civil court can only provide a JUDGMENT against the defendant--which hopefully can be collected on for CASH. Or a settlement that pays them a lump CASH sum and/or a series of structured CASH payments over time.

2. Plaintives do not want the time/expense and ordeal of waging a lawsuit against their adversary. They especially don't want to have to go through a trial after all the years of brutal motions and discovery. In short, they are hoping that they can settle before trial--and the vast majority of civil cases do in fact settle before trial, often just days before the trial is set to begin. Trials, aside from being emotionally and financially draining, can A) Have very bad outcomes for either side; or B) Expose very bad information about the parties involved.

So, Marty (and Mosey) sued. So what? That's the only recourse that Scientology victims have.

And, if money got paid, so what? That's the purpose of the lawsuit.

There are no other factors.

If (quite in addition to money being paid) there is also some damage to the cult or its PR repute, that's just a side-product bonus. It's not the purpose of the lawsuit-otherwise when the money is paid, the lawsuit wouldn't stop.

Anyone suing the COS would know that IF they prevailed and received money, that money came from Scientologists who donated to auditing, training, SuperPower, IAS, Ideal Orgs and dozens of other money scams that the cult runs on its own members. No surprise.

The question has come up many times about whether it is "ethical" for an ex-scientologist to accept money from the COS while knowing full well that the money was ripped off from its parishioners. So, what is the answer to that, I have often asked myself.

OPINION: Whether they know it or not, Scientologists being defrauded and giving the COS all their cash is the reason and source of the cult's power to damage and destroy others. If nobody ever gave Hubbard, Miscavige or the asinine cult scams their hard-earned cash, the COS would have not had any power to do anything to anybody. Thus, the Scientologists were knowing or unknowing facilitators who empowered the cruel hoax. If they get burnt by the COS using their life savings to pay off an ex-scientologist who is suing the cult, so be it. Collateral damage. It's not unlike World War II where Allied airplanes bombed major industrial cities in Germany and Japan. "Civilians" died in those conflagrations. But if it were not for those loyal civilians and German citizens, the Nazi reign of terror would never have happened in the first place. So, whether they "knew" it or not, they still supported Hitler and his insane war--and that makes them liable to get hurt or killed when war is declared against the human race. Likewise, if Scientologists are victimized by their support of their own psychopathic cult, well that's the price of financially supporting crazy shit.
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Wonder how much they settled for.

LESSON DU JOUR: I guess the COS and Marty both had their own reasons for trying to hide the obvious fact that they settled.

The COS doesn't want anyone to know because it would encourage & embolden others to sue, knowing that the unbeatable OT cult lawyers can be beaten with a fat ass payday.

Marty wouldn't want anyone to know because he bragged like a beast all those blogging years about his pristine "integrity"and how he could not be compromised with "blood money". But, he had a price and he took it. That was the whole purpose of the lawsuit--MONEY--so he succeeded.

There is a moment in the true-story feature film DONNIE BRASCO (Johnny Depp, Al Pacino...) where a mafia captain is befriended who often takes the undercover FBI agent (Depp) up to his rooftop to feed and groom the racing pigeons that were kept in an array of cages. Al Pacino's character (mafia murderer) remarks to Depp: "When you see them pigeon cages being taken down, you'll know that he (mafia captain) ain't comin' back--he's dead"

Later in the movie, the pigeon cages are gone, just after the guy is wacked out by fellow mafia thugs.

In Marty's movie, there were no pigeon cages that came down. But the hate website came down. Same meaning.

...and to think...Marty used to be "a friend of ours"...


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Marty has earned the right to do things as he sees fit. To make mistakes and follow his gut and instincts. Out of any of the execs he is most knowledgeable in the sick and twisted game. I have reminded him of this in email, A time when I was confused why he would rebuff my advances to help him. now I feel thanks are in order. He knows what sort of wrath comes. He knew what he had coming. Right wrong or indifferent he knew full well what the cos is and was capable of.

I respect his want to move on. I hope he is able to reconcile some of the key mind numbing the cos instills. I respect him as a genuine human that got into the cos thinking he could help his loved one. Or at least help him to understand and love more. Many do not even look in that direction.

As a former messenger and archive staff. There was not much I would have not done in the name of making this world a better place. with the tools to save mankind we always felt justified in any and all actions. After all not much was just done Willy nilly. There were invests and eval. Observation missions, projects etc. heck they had an entire observation and execution arm. Even if you call it an applied philosophy it seems strange to have all that sort of administration unless you are trying to save an entire planet.

I am not making excuses and do not understand his recent behavior on his blog. I don't totally get the commentors most of the time, although I did really like the oracle's last post (maybe a week ago.) I still want the world to be a better place and wish all the execs got along better. It would really be something. Just my humble opinion.


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...and to think...Marty used to be "a friend of ours"...


Scientology would do well to follow your example and adopt more of the Mafia's nomenclature. To begin with, the grade chart needs cooler sounding OT powers than "Cause over Life". Perhaps--

Cause-a Nostra.


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That is wrong.

He knew exactly how it works and people are getting bankrupted to pay Marty off.

In my opinion, Marty Rathbun is in treason against humanity if he took a money in exchange for his bizarre but predictable behavior.

There is no excuse in the world to take blood money in exchange for silence - no reason whatsoever.

Marty is all about Marty. A complete and utter asshole.

Fuck Marty Rathbun and his wife Monique.

Can you archive "Marty Rathbun: Moving up a Little Higher" site - I am sure it will be coming down soon if my suspicions are correct regarding Marty orchestrating this entire scam. After all - he learned it and did it while he was in the cult...

Another high ranking officer that escaped Scientology - taking a blood money gag order buy out - Marty Rathbun

Re: Marty

He will get the rewards of his actions, either with friendship support, appreciation, self-respect (mirror), and in $$$$ to enjoy!

Re: Monique

I always thought Monique Rathbun is way more than a decent person, she paid a very high price to match herself with Marty
She certainly was not told in the very beginning the cult evil she would have to face...Some people are not that carying to other to warn them.
Has she been manipulated in this lawsuit (her fighting for justice and to be left alone) while it is likely Marty had another agenda...????
But she doesn't owe us anything...and if she gets lot of money to compensate the harrassment she suffered, I am fine with it.

As for Marty, he never ever ever had been a victim of $cientology from day 1
He has been an enforcer of the abusive system and I don't believe the ''poor'' guy was only given 25$\month to do so!
Marty escaped int base when HE was going to be given the treatment he did to thers (rpf)
and if Marty is getting a lot of the dirty money...
he will be accountable to himself...

He once said he would end this cult, or something similar...
Well, it start with depriving them of their $$$$ :whistling:

Best thoughts for him to enjoy lot of garden parties and exotic trips with...
...with Debbie Cook ??? :confused2:
(Wishfuly he didn't gave out anybody who was trustful with him and share confidential sensitive infos)

Re: Archiving his site..many pages have slowly vanished since last years..I was checking regularly :confused2:
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Well, I guess that settles that.

Now we can move on to more meaningful topics,
like what's the better car, Cadillac or Lincoln.

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That scene perhaps illustrates why made mafia members never can attain OT VIII.

"This solo level (OT VIII) addresses the primary
cause of amnesia on the whole track
-L. Ron Hubbard

...because all their conversations are punctuated with implant commands. (Fuggedaboudit!)


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. . .
Spoiler: I have it on good authority . . . it's the Cadillac.





Your surveillance photo confirms that after "Don" Corleone insulted Phillip Tattaglia (by calling him a pimp), "Don" Tattaglia quickly sold his pimped out Eldorado--which was then acquired by "Don" Hubbard.

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What would really be ironic? sad? funny? infuriating? is if Marty finally saved up enough money selling used furniture that he could pay someone to sneak in and hack that page without the cult being the wiser until they saw here that it had been changed and they went in and changed it back.


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Last night wasn't just an awards night in Hollywood (the Oscars) as the CoS handed out 27 Bigot Awards as well! :thumbsup:

The recipients were truly honored to receive these awards; their acceptance speeches are located over here:

I am posting this here in this particular thread because despite 27 awards handed out Marty Rathbun failed to make the cut. :no:

Seems to be a suspicious omission. :ohmy: