Why Church Members Keep Lying

Claire Swazey

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Still don't get it. I understand his justification for Int. Base people not speaking up, I understand DM is full of threats, but I don't see him answering the question, "Why do church members keep lying?"

They lie about their Stress Tests and their Personality Tests. They lie about their intentions. They lie about their results. They lie about their "expansion". They lie about most things and I don't see that being answered -- Why?

Keeping silent and not reporting the horrible abuses may be considered lying, but why all the other lies? Why do church members outside of Int. Base keep lying?

I think it's worthy of an exposé.

A lie contains intent to deceive. They think they're telling the truth. They aren't telling the truth, but they think they are.

It's delusion and rationalization. There's your answer.

Idle Morgue

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It begins with accepting lies as truth, it progresses to lying to yourself, it culminates in lying to others. Simple, really. :wink2:

The investment of time, sacrifice (leave job, family, home, car, money - everything) and tie in family is the glue that makes the lies stick.

How right can one be about the cult will depend on how trapped one is by one or more of the above!

I had money invested and realized I can make money - no problem...I had no family in the cult and never could make friends that could do anything outside of the cult so leaving was no big deal. I feel for those trapped by money on account, family still in.

One thing me and my ex scientologist friends often talk about is the isolation this cult gets people into. We got out and realized "we don't really know anyone anymore"!!

But fast forward to present time and life is good, friends are plenty and love feels good!!

Lurker's - get out now~! There is a wonderful life to live and to be genuinely loved feels good~!