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Why completing the Superpowers Building was a mistake - The Dianetics Angle.

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Very interesting OP!

As always, the COS will create its own wiggle room in responding to challenges that nothing happened from SuperPower.

Their likely first path of retreat & equivocation will be the specific "EPs" that SuperPower (and/or its various rundowns) ask people to attest to. I have no idea what the "EP" is, but if I was designing the hoax, I'd probably use something like. . .

Significantly improved ability to be aware of my own perception.

It is tricky. It doesn't claim that their perception is improved, just that they are more aware of their perception. LOL.

Kinda like attaining the state of Clear, which the PC later sadly learns is only on the "1st Dynamic". Clears, nonetheless, are fantastically able and supernaturally advanced beings--until someone walks into the room (3rd Dynamic) or there is any MEST in the area (6th Dynamic).

Spot on again Hoaxie - and when talking to a Scientologist about "Scientology NOT working - not seeing any clears or OT's - I received the response - "Scientology is personal and someone else's gains cannot be measured by what you expect them to be! "

Of course - this person had most of the "wins" I listed below!:coolwink: In fact, every scientologist I know "still in" is having these amazing wins!! I should want them too? WTF??

But I thought this was a SCIENCE?

So if I see people getting sick, divorced, filing bankruptcy, losing homes to foreclosures....I should continue spending $500,000 on going up the Bridge....because they had gains...we just can't SEE them?

You reminded me of the "wins" I would hear from people..and they were nothing that could be measured or seen by the naked eye...only in a L Ron Hubbard Petri dish under a high powered microscope under the supervision of COB!



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"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive!! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!!"


I guess the super power building at 10 stories doesn't truly qualify as a "tall" building...well, it may be the tallest in Clearwater....but not
much in terms of Chicago or NYC. Perhaps not so impressive for the Supermen of Scientology to leap over in a single bound...but perhaps
more likely they will be leaping off, rather than over, when they cognate how they have wasted lives, liberty, fortunes and sacred honor.
Sort of like the Wall Street bankers and brokers back in the 30's, leaping off tall building back when there was no government bailout
to reward their folly. Perhaps they should be encouraged to leap off bridges rather than buildings...into deep water. Much easier on the
cleanup crews.

Maybe they should just abandon the building...dismantle it. Move it to Metropolis, Illinois. It would be a hit...Superman is popular in Metropolis!


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Scientology does not deliver on its promises. That is obvious. It's not so obvious when you are in, but it is also not so obvious for one specific reason:

Many claims in Scientology are fairly nebulus and definitions are fuzzy. What exactly is a 'win,' for example?

If your memory isn't perfect, and you have been declared clear, you can see there is a problem with the tech. It makes an objective claim that you can see is not true. Scientology dispensed with easily tested claims and clear definitions of words like 'clear' long ago. Scientology moved away from Dianetics when it instigated 'the religious angle'.

What Scientology has done with the superpowers building is to return to the Dianetics era of making scientific claims. These are testable claims that trespass on the domain of science and of course, Hubbard was not a scientist. If people's hearing or vision does not improve, or worsens it will push people out of the cult.

It also opens them up to charges of false advertising and fraud. Here is an example.

The claim: It is possible to increase your ability to measure temperature with greater precision.

Why this claim is false: We cannot measure temperature like a thermometer at all, so increasing the precision is impossible. What we measure is the transfer of heat to or from our body. Here is an experiment you can conduct yourself to verify this.

1) Put a piece of steel, a piece of glass, a newspaper and a blanket on a table.
2) Wait a few hours for the temperature to settle down.
3) Touch each object and rank them in order of warmest to coldest. You should find that the steel and glass seem cooler than the blanket and newspaper.
4) Now measure the temperature of each. You should find they are the same (room temperature). You may need to measure a part of the object that you have not touched.

When you feel that something is warm or cold, you are actually feeling the transfer of heat. Metals and glass transfer heat very quickly, wheras newspapers and blankets are insulators - they send your own heat back to you. We don't feel 'temperature.' This is why the frog in the pan doesn't notice the water starting heating up.

So the superpowers building takes them back to the days when they were fighting with the FDA. Back then, Scientology was stronger and the FDA became weary of them. They are no longer strong. They are opening themselves up to criticism from Scientologists who are in as well as government agencies. If they are selling a product that doesn't work, they are breaking the law. David Miscavige has just opened up a can of worms.

We've gone into Emperor's New Clothes territory. I like to call the SP building the Super Koolaid Bldg. I may get around to shooping that but only the connedest of the conned will be allowed to partake and who amongst them will have the guts to tell Davey that his gift to mankind doesn't work based on scientific principals? I anticipate a pretty short list.


^^^ Lolol! ^^^

Hmmm, I suspect the only reason cult had to finish the SP building (finally) is that they ran out of people to squeeze for dono's, the stupid part is is that now they have to come up with another massive project to milk the sheeples with, like, um, regurgitating a shit-load of old materials and making everyone buy gaudy and expensive new E-meters etc. etc....... Oh wait a minute............................. sry, nm... :duh:


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I think thats what scientology needs, yes those are all false claims, but scientologist are craving for those, and if it is a cool looking machine its better, and if they have a couple of more things to do before getting their superpowers building time, they will sell their houses to do it. This is a new OT, just wait for the first people that start saying how great it is, and the ones listening with envy and admiration wanting to do it.
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There is of course wiggle room.

There is only one way for Scientologists as we have often observed.

They do the new rundowns, OT levels, Superpower or whatever and then comes the problem. They can read the EP and feel fairly certain that they have not achieved it.

However, what are the options?

Say - No, not achieved that, and pay for more hours, go to ethics to find out why you are not making case gain, or search for SPs on your lines to handle your PTSness? Then start again, and again as needed.

After that unless you say you have achieved it, and in fact convinced yourself you have, and that you are very, very happy about it you will not only not progress and keep incurring more costs and more handlings, but if you continue to insist you haven't achieved the EP, then the upshot will be route you out, declare you etc.

Scientology is never, ever wrong - so you must be.

Too much investment.....these people HAVE to believe and you have to believe you have achieved whatever the insane thing you are attesting to says.

It is a horrible mess, as are the the poor souls who end up attesting.

The biggest con in Scientology is that it MAKES people con themselves. :no:



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Time for a break and nice warm little ''GATII'' cake ?????




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