Why Ex Scientologists flip-flop


Iirc, green smocks were for the OEC/FEBC and/or other admin training and red smocks were for the Tech trainees.:yes:

Or are my memories squirrel?:omg:

Green Smocks were Class V111.

We didn't wear smocks of any color on OEC/FEBC when I diddem. ( we wore our regular clothes).


That was how it was at ITO in the early 90s when I was there. I vaguely remember reading it was different at Flag earlier.


I did OEC&OEC, Sr. in Tangier. In 1971. There were about 100 trainees there. None of us wore smocks.:blush: I did FEBC on the Apollo in 1971, and no one was wearing a smock of any kind. :omg:
From about 1976 to about 1983, Green smocks were worn by Class V111's. ( None were worn on SHSBC at ASHO).

Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
Now are these SMOCKS the FROCKS I hear so much about? As in Bitter DEFROCKED apostate. Why isn't it Bitter DESMOCKED Apostate?


And while I'm asking questions, why do we drive on the parkway but park in the driveway?


Loved the natterblog post, Emma. Made me think of the Heisenberg Principle; we scientists are a pretty uncertain lot, too, so don't feel that bad, or alone in your uncertainty: we are all in the same barrel:hide:.


Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
I agree. I always thought that going from A to B was without imagination or creativity. Just a Robot, going from A-B. Boring!


Enough straight lines for a $cientologist but interesting too. ;-)
another story about a Scientologist who defected! You had a purpose and its gone! You now need to revamp the original purpose and SURVIVE! Its quite depressing losing your belief and I bet it would have been easier to not defect. Life can be tough! :duh: