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Right... so I will make this VERY easy for myself and others...If my posts are too long for you PLEASE DO NOT READ THEM !!!

And if you CANNOT stop yourself from reading them and commenting then I WILL use add to ignore much more often on people who complain bitterly !

Now , let me make this clear - if a person has a point about the critical factor or hypnotic induction or cognitive dissonance and restructuring then I welcome THAT.

They may even have a story of Hub or the tech or personal experiences or questions etc.

They can EVEN point out ACTUAL fallacies or flaws in MY theories or reasoning ( as there have been THOUSANDS ).

See , I am just going to discourage personal attacks and thread disruption !

It is very odd that the same very , very tiny minority keep complaining and disagreeing about ME and do not use the simple FREE solution - stay away from me if I am an idiot or bad writer etc.

I also find it odd that those few who bother to disagree with my views at all NEVER propose alternate models of influence and mind control etc.

It reminds me of a post elsewhere wherein a fellow complained bitterly about all the alternate models for physics people claim and when he asks for equations over 95% NEVER have ONE !

In other words they propose super gravity with eleven dimensions or string theory etc. as an alternatve to the standard model in physics and they do not even understand actual science at that level involves equations and not just talking !

So , this will bring me to the complaint of me " acting smart " or something like that .

Well , I will tackle this in several ways ; first off I repeatedly tell people I have made and still make THOUSANDS of poor and at times harmful choices in a million years in hell http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?36979-A-MILLION-YEARS-IN-HELL

I am VERY forthcoming about A LOT of poor and even evil actions !

AND in I am wrong and you can be too !!! http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?37160-I-AM-WRONG-AND-YOU-CAN-BE-TOO-

AND I bring up errors I make in research and articles and admit often that my THEORIES are incomplete or write addenda and corrections !!

I also have admitted to only having done about 5% of the research I want to to have a firm grounding in several subjects !

Regarding the comparison to Mockingjay I have said I am not as perfect or heroic as the character and EVEN admitted to not being as pretty as Jennifer Lawrence !:omg:

Oh , and as for the smart thing . I often admit to being fooled by a dead madman for twenty five fucking years .

And I am more than happy to present a list of people that are smarter or more intelligent or skillful or learned than me .

Arnie Lerma , Jon Atack , Nikola Tesla , Albert Einstein , Alonzo Solomon , Stephen Hawking , Andrew Wiles , Paul Allen , Judit Polgar , Garry Kasparov , Rich Rosner , Kin Ung-Yong , Christopher Hirata , Marilyn vos Savant , Terence Tao , Leonardo Da Vinci , Isaac Newton ,Galileo Galilei , Charles Darwin , Benjamin Franklin , Pythagoras , William Shakespeare , Aristotle , Plato, Socrates , Marcus Aurelius , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , Archimedes of Syracuse , Marie Curie , Ludwig van Beethoven , Riachard Feynman , Thomas Edison , Carl Frederick Gauss , Alexander Graham Bell , George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Aryabhata , Carl Sagan , Peter Higgs , Elanor Roosevelt , Confucius , Lao Tzo , John Locke , Sun Tzu , Niels Bohr and there are probably several thousand or MILLION more I could add to the list and I will apologize to the vast number of women and minorities - particularly Asians , Native Americans and Muslim or Arabs for being underrepresented - as THEIR accomplishments are often not taught to in American schools - so please , please forgive MY ignorance !

Seriously , there are many super geniuses way , way above me and I have known this for many , many years .

I have encountered some who remind me of a simple idea .

It has been said that for millionaires the world is a playground to enjoy their wealth and for billionaires it is a proving ground to make a mark on history.

Well , when I was young and thought I was hot shit I went to a school with some of the top .01% IQ guys who at thirteen were ready to GRADUATE college and I got taken down about fifty notches !

To be clear I am NOT a top .01% IQ guy ! And they were oh so happy to let me know it !

Others brighter than I warned me that SOME folks here would automatically attack anyone they felt was smarter or came across like an authority etc..

I was baffled as I have accepted for decades that there are strata of intelligence and wisdom far above my own .

Look , the distance from average intelligence to top 5 or even top 1% is significant in terms of understanding and performance , no doubt .

BUT the distance form top 1% to top.01% is much , much , much greater.

The Teslas and Einsteins are SOOOOO high that for the " poor" 1%ers to even understand their work it is like a small illiterate child trying to keep up with and participate in a conversation on football with defenses and coverages and specialized offenses and rule changes etc. etc.

It can be frustrating and humbling .

I am in a way lucky to have had SO many humbling failures and defeats that I KNOW with high certainty that I do not get everything right - not even close.

So , if someone really does not like me or my posts...enjoy your life and feel free to keep me out of it .

If you insist on complaining with ad hominem ...for me some will fall on deaf ears .

But I want the vast majority to know this is not for you .

For over 90-95% I will accept dropping the few to keep the many .

And by the way the many are really great and I know some have intelligence and knowledge equal to or greater than my own .

I can accept not being as smart and learned as others and do every day .

So , I want most of you to KNOW I do not assume greater intelligence etc. and hope you will return the courtesy .

Lots of people like Gib , Freethinker , Galactic Patrol ,Xenusdad , Gbuck , Veda, The Anabaptist Chronicles , Jump, Helluva Hoax , Knows, La La Lou Lou , Just Sheila , Eldritch Cuckoo , Dean Blair , Deacon Blue, Student of Trinity , Dergraded Being , Magoo , Lotus, Sweetness and Light , Sally Dance , Tetloj AND many others I can not instantly recall have been very very welcoming , informative , friendly , funny and helpful to me and I want THAT to continue !
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I write this with the intent of offering you another viewpoint to possibly help you understand your life in the cult. You sound very upset and angry about being conned by the cult...who wouldn't be. I believe you said you were in for 25 years before you 'woke up'. That's a long time.

I was in for 3 years, spend thousands of $$ and joined the Sea Org. Long story short, I had my 'aha!' moment and got out.

Why did that happen?

I think that everyone who gets into the cult, at some point makes a subtle yet critical decision that has tremedous impact on their lives. The decision is that LRH always tells the truth. If not always then 99.9% of the time. He simply tells the truth.

Now you can break this down and ask your self the following questions:

1. When did I do that?
2. Why did I do that?
3. What was happening at that time that contributed to me making that decision?
4. Did anyone help convince me to do that?

I think the answer to those questions vary significanly from person to person. But everyone who got into the cult decided that LRH always told the truth and what he said was correct. That is the common denominator boiled down to its core. And all of the manifestations of mind control stem from that decision.

But all current exes, at some point in time, realized that LRH, the author of the vast, vast majority of all of dianetics and scientology LIED.ALL.THE.FUCKING.TIME. Some will argue that some parts of the subject are true and 'work'. But every ex can easily (now that they are out) point to something LRH lied about. Ask a scientologist to point to a single LRH lie and they will look at you as if you have a banana growing out of your forehead. They cannot fathom that idea. They are 'brainwashed'. LRH doesn't lie....ever.

Now you can think about and investigate hypnotism and thought control all you want...nothing wrong with that. But think about answering those questions for yourself.

I have done that exercise (several times) and have answers that are my own. Doing so has brought me peace with understanding how I wasted that part of my life.


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Angelo V , thanks for sharing . :clap::clap::clap:

I think you somehow reached a crucial point for exes - COMPLETE rejection of Dianetics and Scientology !

It was VERY painful and traumatic for me to get there as I had to bring back and face severe cognitive dissonance AND the near total loss of all my beliefs AND the justifications I used for THOUSANDS of harmful acts I did while a Scientologist !:duh:

It was an unbelievable experience with IMMENSE change in a couple of months .

I think you hit the nail right on the head : while a Scientologist I believed and even SUBMITTED mentally TOTALLY to Hub as expert on EVERYTHING and also got addicted to the carefree trance of " certainty" that hub and his magic tech would somehow handle EVERYTHING !

I lost the trances AND beliefs AND had to face being a very selfish and hurtful person for a very long time all at once !

I think YOU did a great job of seeing both Hub lied AND his " tech" is all fraud and lies and honestly THAT is a tremendous part of recovery from Scientology !

I would be interested to know HOW you got there !

I know an author ( not me ) who is looking to write on the recovery process and I have my own story to tell him BUT could really use info from others.

I have been repeatedly told MOST people will not do the extensive research and theory construction etc. that I have done so I want to know what do other people do ?

Anything you or anyone who gets to a place where Scientology is not impacting their life can share may help immensely.