Why not let YOUR child be a part of the SO?


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Such wonderful replies to my thread!

It makes sense to me to let one's children make such an important decision (or any life-changing decision of importance) once they are legally an adult. Only then can they make the decision based upon information garnered through life skills, education, and their wants and desires.

I do not agree with the regging actions put into place. The deceit and lies are morally wrong and go against the Code of Honor (both LRH's version and my own personal code).

But I still am curious as to why anyone might not voice their opinions or their observations concerning the SO to their children. Must be the Ronbot phenonema where Scn word is taken as gospel. :D

Because the child, usually being innocent, may tell someone in the org about the parent considerations re the SO and that someone will notify - it is a duty to do so - the right terminal ( usually via a KR ) and the parent will end up in ethics which is a pain in the a....... neck.:yes: :angry:

When my daughter signed her SO contract ( after I told them repeatedly not to try and recruit her until she was of legal age ) and told me about it, one of the things I told her was that it was silly. She should have signed it when she was ready to actually join.

She told a staff member that I said that what she did was stupid and I was accused of counter intentions= CI and was assigned to ethics:angry: . I was on staff then and it was such a pain because it meant I had to spend more time in the org and even less time with my family.



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And then we are back to the mind control tactics perpetuated by the cult.:melodramatic:

Makes me want to :puke2:

If being in the SO was as great as the cult says, wouldn't need all those lies to bring in new recruits, wouldja!?:D

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THIS is one of the main reasons I keep doing my part to tell the truth about Co$ to everyone...to ensure less people...and kids...get sucked into being recruited to the SO or Staff! :angry:
Well, I was very fortunate that my parents protected me from becoming staff at any org.

Although I was never approached for staff at the SO, I'm sure there were many "can we go for a coffee and a chat?".
I would have been perfect, brought up as a scientologist, drug free, bright and commited.

Having been a child at the time of being approached to be staff at a class 5 org however - i feel now that I've grown up a bit, I can add to this.

At 13 years old, being nabbed off my lunch while on course to go into an auditing room with the ED and another staff member of my local class 5, I was pretty intregued. What did they want to talk to me about??

Well - I was basically asked if I would like to become a staff member. That I'd be sent to flag, they'd help me finish my school education etc. I was TOLD how great it would be to go to the states and go site seeing and make new friends that there'd be heaps of kids to hang out with, and I'd get to study all the time and have fun (I was getting wins on my course at that time, so more wins sounded great).
Basically, lie after lie was fed to me about what I would be doing. Everythig was said to make it more enticing. but for me it sounded fantastic.

For my parents - not so great. My two older brothers had already had unsuccesfull stints in the SO, they knew how hard it was for them, and the phyisical and emotional state they were returned to my parents was just not OK.

These two staff members (both lovely people, who I look forward to seeing again one day) completely by-passed my parents, said nothing to them about asking their 13 year old little girl if it was ok to approach her for staff. THEY EVEN SAID THAT THEY WOULD CALL MY SCHOOL AND HANDLE THEM ON ME LEAVING!!! who were they to think they were in any position to do that!

I think it is so important for a child to finish school. although I found the majority of my HSC classes useless, it gave me options. I could go to uni, or tafe, or get an apprenticeship, what ever I wanted. The world was my oyster.
I have thanked my parents on several occasions for not allowing me to join staff. I wasn't greatful for it at the time, but I sure am now.
I was allowed the oppotunity to grow up, and see my options in the world. that the world was actually ok, and didnt need me to save it. I was born to be creative, play music, do hair, and more important than anything one day I will be a mum - which had I joined staff, I would have to have given up on that idea for a while. I almost got sidetracked by the thoughts of the big lights of the States, site seeing the states and becoming a "high'ranking" staff member of the Class 5 org.

Thanks mum for having your head screwed on tight.


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And then we are back to the mind control tactics perpetuated by the cult.:melodramatic:

Makes me want to :puke2:

If being in the SO was as great as the cult says, wouldn't need all those lies to bring in new recruits, wouldja!?:D


You've got an MU on lies:D

Those are not lies :no: those are acceptable truths:yes:

It is sick and sad.