Wild Palms

Do you guys still remember the 1993 David Lynch style mini series "Wild Palms" starring James Belushi?

I love shows like that... you know that are just a total mindf*ck.
Anyway, in addition to being extremely confusing, it was kinda prophetic, because it took place 14 years in the future (2007) and dealt with a Trump style right winged presidential candidate abusing modern media technology.
But that is just it's side plot. It's main plot is actually completely about Scientology and how Scientology plays into all this (even though for obvious legal reasons, they call it "Church of Synthiotics" and they even have a Sea Org, but they call it "The Floating World"). And they even have their own mock version of David Miscavige, which is just a riot....






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I saw some of this when it was originally broadcast. The unmistakable allusions to scn were shocking at the time, 25 years ago. I never saw the whole thing. Thank you for reminding me of it.


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Man! How could I have missed that cool of a series? I'm a James Belushi fan too, much more so that I was a fan of his brother also from Saturday Night Live. If you can believe it, I've forgotten his name. That's how bad my memory is becoming. Sheese!
PS. Now I remember, John Belushi. It took a few minutes though and I din't want to cheat by looking it up.
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