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Will Hillary Clinton favor Scientology as much as Bill did?


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Will Hillary Clinton favor Scientology as much as Bill did?

Very good article by Tony Ortega. Read it all. I'll excerpt only the conclusion below.

Tony Ortega: Trump is drawing comparisons to L. Ron, but will Hillary favor Scientology as much as Bill did?


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So we’re left with this: There’s simply no doubt that Bill Clinton proved to be a reliable friend to Scientology when he was in power, and even provided aid to Tom Cruise after he’d left office. He also left behind a legacy of lending the State Department’s help to keep an eye on how Scientology is being treated around the world which continues to the present day.

However, despite that State Department helping hand, under President Barack Obama federal investigations of Scientology were launched by both the FBI and by Homeland Security — although both investigations ultimately went nowhere.

Under President Hillary Clinton, what are the chances that the IRS or FBI will launch probes into a now much weakened Church of Scientology? We just don’t know at this point whether she will be the friend to David Miscavige’s organization that her husband was.

We tried to ask her campaign where she stands on a controversial group that has been exposed for using child labor, forcing abortions, and keeping Americans in prison-like conditions under the name of religion. We got no response. We hope other reporters may have better luck.

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