Will Smith Invested $1.2 Mil Into School with Scientology Ties

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Will Smith Invested $1.2 Mil Into School with Scientology Ties in 2010

I’ve reported before about Will Smith‘s donations to Scientology organizations in the past. But in none of the filings for the Will Smith Foundation was there ever listed a donation to the school he started with wife Jada Pinkett Smith in Calabasas, California. That school, New Village Leadership Academy, has been criticized in the past for teaching Scientology courses to its grade school students. For three years, NVLA never filed a Form 990 as a school, so it was hard to track their finances. But now a Form 990 Federal Tax filing has suddenly emerged on Guidestar.org just for the year 2010. It shows a few things of interest. For one, Smith donated $1,235,00 to the school in 2010 from his WSJ Trust, not from his publicly scrutinized foundation. That’s why it never showed up before.

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I've heard mixed things about these schools - on one hand I have heard that they exist to indoctrinate children (which I guess could be said about Catholic schools as well, or, well, any religiously associated school) but I have also heard that these schools are often more akin to private tutoring and the students get much more personalized learning and attention than public schools (I slept every day in every class in high school). Has anyone on this board attended one of these schools? I'd be interested in hearing a first-hand account as so far all I can find are second- or third-hand accounts.


I've heard mixed things about these schools

Hi Kate,

When I left the SO, my son attended one.

It was called Pumpkin School. It was terrific. It was the best possible place for him to be to get him back into the real world after the SO stuff. Pumpkin School didn't use L Ron's study tek and refused to pay royalties for it - they just used common sense and lots of personal attention, love and caring. It was affordable and he thrived there. The school was fair-gamed for not paying the royalties (they couldn't afford it and keep their costs down and disagreed that just because they were scientologists and had a school they had to pay) and they shut down a couple of years later.

I had friends with kids in Apple school and Delphi. The kids did very poorly - academically and otherwise. All they learned well was scientology. They had low self-esteem when they weren't dealing with scientologists and no realistic concept of the real world. They couldn't write well, or spell, had poor math skills and knew nothing of things like history and geography. They were ill-prepared for any professional jobs or college.

When COS is involved - which they are, if scn tek is involved - a school stops being a school and becomes nothing more than a feeder for the scientology machine.

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Steve Keller is the father of a daughter who attended one of the Californian branches of the Delphi Academy, which uses Hubbard’s Study Tech. In 1997, he became concerned about the claims being made about Delphi and decided to try to corroborate them. Delphi claimed that 96% of its students applied for admission to college and provided him with a “Partial List of Colleges and Universities that have Accepted Delphi Graduates.” He contacted each of the 35 schools named. Of the 27 that replied, only three acknowledged having received applications from Delphi students in recent years. Another sixteen said either they had not received such applications or they could not consider them. For example, U.C. Santa Barbara said it “…does not accept students applying from Delphi Academy…because Delphi is not an accredited institution.” Keller cross-checked with California’s Accrediting Commission for Schools, which replied that it had not accredited Delphi. American College Testing told him, “Few if any Delphi students have taken the ACT test.” It was not surprising that he concluded, in a letter to the Los Angeles Times, that “Whether or not they have success in these endeavors, we need to ask: do Hubbard’s methods work? If Delphi is a good example, they obviously do not.”


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Scientology relies for its very existence on the hope that no one will fact-check its lies or challenge it.

And that's one reason Scientology is on a sharp decline. The Internet empowers individual activists like this gentleman. He is making it very dangerous for Scientology to continue to lie.

That guy deserves a big fat medal.

Hip hip hurray for the little people!



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He is making it very dangerous for Scientology to continue to lie.

And lying is the ONLY way that Scientology can continue to exist.

The day it told the truth and people really saw it as is, it would instantly vanish. :coolwink:

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Poor Will - well, we all learn the hard way - "A fool and their money shall soon part"....hope he stops being a fool and gets out. I like him as a person and an actor! His wife too...Scientology preys on the nice people - Hollywood baits and Scientology traps!

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And lying is the ONLY way that Scientology can continue to exist.

The day it told the truth and people really saw it as is, it would instantly vanish. :coolwink:

Very true, lol. I think Elcon hid many of his unsavory intentions in plain sight, such as his stating that the only way to control people is to lie to them. As the pyramid of lies crumbles, so does $cientology.