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Willem Van Rompay, killed a Belgian girl in 2003


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Willem is the son of Boud Van Rompay a former business colleague of Marc Arrighi recently arrested in Australia, September 2012 and wanted in France for fraud. It is a murky story and this is the worst part of it.

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From the Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad, 17 November 2005



On 29 December 2003 Scientologist Willem Van Rompay killed 23 year old Katrijn Borré, a girl he had met/dated for five times but she had enough and ended it. He went to her shop and shot her twice.

Willem gave lots of conflicting statements prior of what he had in mind when he drove to the shop. At one time it was to talk at another time to shoot her and yet at another moment he went there thinking in a flash that perhaps he might would rape and kill her. Though during court appearance he said he would never have raped her.

Van Rompay and his family are members of the Church of Scientology and that aspect was touched upon frequently during the court appearance. He is the son of Boudewijn Van Rompay. The young man says he couldn't find help for his problems because that is not done in the Church of Scientology. Help needs to come from within and he hadn't any money for that. "My father had all ready paid 40.000 euro for several [Scientology] treatments."

Like the remaining relatives of XXX his father doesn't come visit him in jail. "As a scientologist he beliefs in reincarnation. If it depends on my father, I should commit suicide as soon as possible. He has let me know that in my next life he would welcome me with open arms.' In other words, he will never see his father again unless he kills himself.

His father doesn't come visit him in jail. "As a scientologist he beliefs in re-incarnation. If it depends on my father, I should commit suicide as soon as possible. He has let me know that in my next life he would welcome me with open arms.'

Jeremy Perkins' surviving family - all Scientologists - won't visit him in the state mental hospital either. He's doing better now that he's been placed on antipsychotic medication, but he's still not releasable. His condition wouldn't have deteriorated so badly if he'd received care sooner. But of course, Scientologists don't believe in mental illness.
Obituary of Katrijn Borre, 24 January 1980 to 29 December 2003.
She was the eldest daughter of Herman and Gilberte Borre-Lodewijckx and big sister of Greet, Dolf, Inge, Oskar, Soetkin and Isolde. She was buried in a private ceremony in Luxembourg.
Is this Willem's sister?
Eveline Van Rompay: 'I'm 17 years old and I live in Belgium. I have been a Scientologist for 6 years and have been going to a private school in England for the past five years, where I have taken my GCSE's. At the moment I am on my A-Levels.

Scientology has made me a more able person. I am capable of communicating with people so much more, confront things I never would confront before, I can study whatever I want to study, and I can help other people with their problems and so much more. Really Scientology has affected me in every part of my life.'

That at least is no lie.

Els Van Den Eynde, mother of scientologist killer Willem Van Rompay, appeared in court with grandpa Karel and they testified on (16.11.2005).

Not to cover up but for the "sake of love" and to help find an explication for the senseless death of Katrijn Borré, the girl who didn't want a relationship with Willem. Grandpa Karel has been diagnosed with cancer and is about to go on with a heavy cure of chemotherapy and Willem wrote him a moving letter, which was read in court. Some jurors were seen with wet eyes.

The mother who divorced Boudewijn Van Rompay in 1993 says her son was drawn time and time again towards his father but Willem was crushed by the huge personality of his dad. She and grandpa Karel Van Den Eynde painted a picture of Boudewijn as a brilliant business man but human zero.

According to grandpa Karel, father Boudewijn always had strived to make Willem into a clone of himself. He wanted his son to take over the business [www.hydrex.be]. Willem tried to fulfill his father's expectations but he couldn't. And really did not want to.

After Willem had shot Katrijn he talked with his mother on the phone (he drove around in despair). After hours of talking she had convinced him to turn himself in. His dad had already suggested he should kill himself. "Boudewijn even called me to say 'I have already said good-bye to him'. But I could not let that happen. I talked to Willem until he finally made the decision himself to go to the police."

In court she revealed a sense of guilt that she had not always been there for him. About 10 days before the event Willem had called his mother in the UK, where she was studying, saying: 'Mom, come back, this is not working'. He begged me to come. But I was so busy that I stayed in England. If I had listened to him then, we wouldn't be here.' Was she doing Scientology courses?

It appears that Mrs Els Van Den Eynde was manager of Cairn Comm NV, a WISE 'management consultant' pushing 'admin tech' and a member of EUMA (European Management Assistants)



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Sorry for the typos. XXX is of course Jeremy Perkins.

The link for Hydrex is broken but the company is still thriving. Try Google.
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