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William Burroughs, famous beat writer, shaking hands with Xenu, not really....


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This is fascinating. Can anyone tell me or verify if Scientology truly paid a big role in Burroughs' creativity. I didn't do much when I tried out a few courses, but it seems that Burroughs got quite a bit out of it in just a few months work. Would this be right?


I'd say Burroughs' creativity played a big role in Burroughs' creativity. Scientology was just something he played with along the way.


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Burroughs did the bulk of his critically acclaimed work before ever encountering Scientology. In fact you could say the Scio period and afterwards marked a real decline in Burroughs output and signaled the end of his celebrated literary achievements and the start of him enjoying living off the fruits of his previous works and hobnobbing with famous "hippie" admirers (like the rolling stones) for the next decade.

Also I wonder how Burroughs was declared "clear" at all since he was gay, a heavy user of heroin and methadone the majority of his life ( with brief periods of kicking the habit, but he died in the 90's still taking methadone on a daily basis) along with all kinds of other drugs and had a long "psych" history.

You have to ask? He was a celebrity.


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A man ahead of his time!

Burroughs became disenchanted with the authoritarian nature of the organization , the dogmatic nature of the group and its secrecy are harmful.


It just amazes me that the same exact broken record has been being played again and again about this organization.........
among many such as the OT levels being exposed as fraud...time and time again.
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