WISE -- World Institute of Scientology Enterprises -- FRAUD


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WISE -- World Institute of Scientology Enterprises -- FRAUD

Summary: Mark Bunker interviews a chiropractor and his wife, who went from banking $5,000 a month -- to bankruptcy after being introduced to WISE, hubbard and scientology.

Quote: If you're being promoted to by a consulting firm that teaches hubbard "technology", such as WISE, you will at some point be promoted to do services with the church of scientology.

scientology: WISE Fraud 1/5:
They were with a "practice management group", Singer Consultants, who were connected to the church of scientology via WISE. They were licensed to utilize L ron hubbard's teachings. It wasn't covert, but very subtle. At one time it seemed that they were "pushing" it, then they backed off. So it grew from being a business consulting arrangement, to being more of a personal improvement with the church of scientology. In the beginning he would use the Atlanta Org. He compared the sevices to no more enlightening than going to a movie. She said they would get call, after call, after call. For the first year, she didn't want to participate. There's always another service, once you reach one level, there's always another one they're promoting.
scientology: WISE Fraud 2/5:
He discussed the auditing, and the training side. He feels like he never got much out of the auditing side -- although he did attain the level of clear. But the two of them did $125,000 between them. He pointed out that scientology and WISE technology are intertwined. So WISE uses scientology's "technology". Eventually he went to Flag in Clearwater. They didn't even have a phone in the room. A person came to greet them, which he soon found out was a registrar. He said he was just there for auditing, but the registrar said you "must" be there for a course. She muscled him over to a course room, and started him on "study technology". Dr. Pete was nieve, he said maybe this is the way it works here, even though it wasn't something he wanted of his own free will to do -- but he thought ne "needed" to do, in order to be at Flag and do the auditing services. They never made that clear, and he was very unhappy about that. Although they appeared to want to befriend you, clearly they were just looking for the money. He felt grilled, defensive.
scientology: WISE Fraud 3/5:
He'd call home from a pay-phone every day, and according to his wife, one day he'd be up, the next day he'd be down. she never knew which Pete would be calling that day. They'd want money for ships, libraries, IAS, they take you from one area to the next, and at each they'd try to extract money from him. He said it was abusive. He said they paid $50K for L10 thru L12 rundowns. He would continually go back and try to get something out of them. And the answer was always something "you" did wrong, it was never them. If they found the L's were presented in the wrong order, "you" had to pay for the privilege of doing them again. The doctor's wife didn't want to go to Flag after Pete's experience there, so she went to Miami. But all the Miami auditors had been recalled to Flag, so she went there too, although they never should have accepted her there, because they didn't have the capacity. The English speaking section was all filled up, so they sent her to the Spanish section, then finally to another section. Pete had to make daily phone calls, to push things through. But for what you pay, you should get better treatment.
scientology: WISE Fraud 4/5:
After each service, you go to qual to attest what you got out of the service. But the first time he stated you didn't get much out of it -- they'd send you to an "ethics" officer. You soon realize, that you might just as well write the testamonial, because if you don't get enough out of the service, it's all your fault. First they drained the savings account, they stopped putting any new money in. The L's cost $50K for them at the time, and they do this through the WISE organization, they prey upon doctors because they know they have the credit line to do it. And they do this through consulting groups; such as chiropractic groups, dental groups, there's a group called Sterling. And these groups will introuce the L's which scientology offers. Pretty soon he started to feel stupid for spending so much money on so little benefit, thinking what is wrong with me? He says the enrollment system is very sophisticated, plus he wanted to be better. They tried out some other businesses, such as TrimLine, a diet center program. The bottom line; They went from banking $5K per month, to banking nothing, after draining their $150K savings account, and going into debt further each month. Then one day they were sitting in an attorney's office declaring bankruptcy. This was the low point for both of them.
scientology: WISE Fraud 5/5:
They were also duped into a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scam with scientologist wannabe Kevin Trudeau. Then when they started complaining, they were declared enemies of the church (SP's).

(At 7:17) "...This is something I would say to any doctor, or any business person, you will be at one point in time promoted to, if you're [being promoted to by] a consulting firm, that teaches hubbard's technology, you will be at some point promoted to do services with the church of scientology. And I'll give you a very strong caveat, beware of any services where you are paying these extravagant fees for. I fell for it, I mean there's a lot of people that fall for it. It's not because you're not educated, it's not because you're stupid. It's because I know as a doctor, and they know as a doctor, one of your hot buttons, your hot buttons, is to help people. And if they tell you that this is going to help you to help more people, that many times doctors will do that, to have a better life, to help more people, and they keep pushing those buttons. They know which buttons to push, and that's why they go after doctors, and I mean go AFTER doctors, and go after businessmen heavily. So be very very aware, that when you're being promoted to about scientology services, especially the L's, you have to be very careful. Go in with an open mind, do a lot of studying, do a lot of research. Talk to people, not only the people they tell you to talk to, but talk many people who have done the L's. You could go on a web site, many web sites. And find out about people who have done it like myself. If you ask me would I ever do it over again -- Never! Never, never, never! I would never do [WISE or hubbard or scientology] over again. I would have never have gotten started. Would not have ever started with them. So buyer beware. And I made a mistake, and I hope that this tape, will convince others not to make the same mistake, that Abby and I made."
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Great talk!

Here is a guy and his wife who contributed heavily to Scientology yet never got what they wanted out of the system. They got a lot of what they didn't want: no respect, no recognition, no service, no support.

I would say that if he and his wife, separately, had been asked what they wanted to achieve and if they were to work on ~that~ to completion, then cut loose, they would be singing praises of Hubbard and his organization to this day.

The Hubbard Manglement System, way to go Scientology.

Hubbard's management methods were in place throughout the '50s. See Dianetics In Limbo by Helen O'Brien. Published in 1966. <http://www.clambake.org/archive/books/dil/Dianetics_in_Limbo.txt>



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Thanks a bunch for these YouTube links! :thumbsup:

I think that this personal story interview is so good that I have posted a link to your thread here on OCMB.