With respect, Karen de la Carriere's son has died

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So sorry for your loss, Karen. I can't begin to imagine the shock and pain you are going through at this time. I am thinking of you. I hope the cult have been finally shamed into telling Heber of his son's passing. There is no humanity left in these people. I am just so sorry.


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I have no words.

This is devistating news.

Karen I'm so sorry. :rose:



I am so sorry for your loss. I am overcome with sorrow. I don't know what else to say.


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I just got off the phone with Karen. She is obviously distraught about the loss of her only son, much less the circumstances. I gave her my love, heart, strength and prayers, she is surrounded by friends, she is taking the time to grieve. If you believe in a higher power, please pray for her and her son, for peace and understanding. Otherwise please send her your best wishes and thoughts.

Two months ago we found that Alexander was having a crisis in his life and beliefs, he lost his high paid scientologist provided job, was looking for help. Karen asked me to see if I could get in touch, and provide him support and safety, he didn't respond to any of my reaches. The circumstances of his death are unusual, but she will not have details of the autopsy for 60-90 days.


I am shocked, enraged and shed a tear for Karen in her loss in this manner.

She is a friend of 40+ years, and I feel very, very deeply about this.

The cult is evil and must be brought down . . .



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I am stunned and saddened and enraged at this awful, awful news. I know how much you loved your dear son.

You are in my prayers tonight -- as is every other mother and father whose children are lost to them inside the cult of $cientology.



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Karen, I am at a complete loss for words... I can't right now get past crying for you, Heber, and your beloved son, Alex.


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My Dearest Karen,

As a Father, your former Shipmate and someone that has always adored you I cannot fathom nor find the words to express the depth of my sorrow for your loss.:rose:

May The Grace Of The Universe Be With You And Keep You Always In All Ways Alexander.


I am so, so stunned and saddened...
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Dear karen and Hebert:
I am so sorry for the loss of your son Alexander, and the circumstances of his passing. I hope you have the strenght to endure it.
I am lost in what to say to both of you. A big and warm hug.