With respect, Karen de la Carriere's son has died


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My deepest condolences Karen. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say.

I will hold you in my thoughts and send loving prayers to you and your family.

All my love.

Dean Blair

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Karen, I am so sorry for your loss. I am truly heartbroken.

David Miscavige is an horrible monster. I recall when we were in the Sea Org together in 1986-1987 at AOLA Miscavige wrote policy cancelling the daily time allocated to parents to spend time with their children.

Before that he had created policy making it illegal to have children and if one of the staff became pregnant they were offloaded to a lower organization where things would be even worse than they were in the location they had been in previously. Abortions were strongly suggested and much pressure was put on staff to proceed with abortions so that they could remain in the organization.

Jill Burkhart Grahm was also on staff with us and did become pregnant. She was forced to leave the AOLA and work in Orange County. She has been dead for some years now having succumbed to cancer.

I can't imagine what you must feel at this time and I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom to handle this horrible incident. If there is anything I can do to help you please feel free to contact me. You have my email address.


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As a former S.O. member also, Karen my deepest condolences. And my sincere apologies for ever supporting this monstrous thing.

This cult's insane policies being taken to such a degree is an abomination of such magnitude, so inhumanly cruel and evil, that I can't find the words to describe how I feel about it.

Graham Berry

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I have been devastated by this news all afternoon. My condolences and thoughts are with Karen and Heber. That Alexander should have died at all is beyond belief. Moreover, the manner in which Karen has been treated, with delayed notification and denied viewing, is outrageous, cruel and unforgivable. So sad and so shameful.

Mick Wenlock

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Karen, you have the thoughts and sympathy of our whole family.

And for those who may not know, Mark Fisher had a sister who had disconnected from her family, she passed away in Nov last year. Maerk found out about it via a comment on facebook - last week. He had to verify it and then was left with the task of telling their elderly mother and others in the family about the passing of her daughter. 7 months after it happened.

Tragedies like this are just all too common.

Tiger Lily

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I don't have any words for the deep sadness I'm feeling for you and for Heber, and the anger towards the cult that did this. It's devastating on so many levels. Praying for peace for you both.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen and her family and friends at this terribly sad time...I'm also concerned for Heber's safety...I don't want him to be next and we hear about it months later. Is he getting needed medical care, adequate food, rest and housing while under the Cult's control?

I think Adult Protective Services needs to do a welfare check on Heber, RIGHT NOW, in light of this sad news and our understanding that he is being kept out of communication with the outside world and may not have been informed of his son's death.

For all of us who are shocked and saddened by this news...I want to encourage you all to take some action, even in some small way, to speak out and inform people about this abusive and criminal Cult.

Do it for Alexander...and for every other soul that we have lost to this evil organization.

If you know someone who is still in the Cult of COS, who has disconnected from you, reach out to them now and do your best to communicate with them. If we all do it together in the same point of time, it may really impinge upon them all.

Karen, a big gentle hug to you. I'm so sorry you were robbed of having more time with your son. It's unforgivable.



My deepest, sincerest condolences. I cannot even comprehend such a loss. This prompted me to call my own children just to discuss this story and to help them understand so that they can guard against just such an intrusion into their own lives.


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"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
(Matthew 5:4)​

It's times like these when I'm really glad that ESMB exists. God bless you, Karen, and be assured that we're thinking of you.

I can't imagine what Karen (and Heber) are going through right now. Simply can't find the words, yet. I'm outraged... but this isn't the place, or the time.


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Karen had this to say on Marty's blog:

Karen#1 | July 5, 2012 at 8:15 pm | Reply
Thank you so much Marty, Mosey and posters.
I am heartbroken.
His dead body has been lying in the morgue
in the Coroner’s office since June 3rd and the Church did not let me know.
I am not permitted to pick up the body or view it (one last look)
Andrea is the wife and she has 10 days to claim it, that is the law.
My family was destroyed by the Church.
Heber was ordered to divorce me, Alexander was enforced to disconnect from me, all after 35 years of service and 20 years in the Sea Org.
The destruction of the nucleus family, the DM ordered divorces, marriage, baby slaughter (enforced abortions for 25 years) shows utter heartlessness for the
2nd dynamic (family)
Thank you all so much for your kind words.
It will be cathartic for me to continue to expose the dark underbelly of the Church so that this does not happen to another family.
[email protected]
Karen, I am upset by the news of his passing, and there is nothing worse for a parent to have a child pass. I wish I had a magic wand to make his wife make up with you for this at least, so you can say your goodbys. But, all I can say is: my heart is with you.



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Truly devastating. The suffering so needless.

You and I share so many views of the world, regardless of not agreeing on everything.

But, in this we do stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart: Children are sacred and precious. And anything or anyone that seeks to tear them apart from their loved ones, and even themselves, is following the cruelest dark impulse imaginable.

I pray that with time, the insufferable may begin to lessen its load.

I send you condolences and love along with so many others who share this burden with you.


Condolences to you Karen. :rose:
May you find solace from those that love you, and that your grieving relieves and heals your heart.


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Thank you ESMB posters.
Your kind words mean lot to me. More than you will realize.
It is hard pill to swallow that I raised Alexander as a 2nd generation
Scientologist and he is dead at 27.
That Office of Special Affairs maliciously ordered I not be told is a grim reminder
of Church protocol.
I am a declared suppressive person.
I am Fair Game to be lied to do, cheated, deceived and destroyed.
Alexander's body is above and below other dead bodies in the Coroner's office in downtown Los Angeles. It has been there since July 3rd.
The Church so much wanted it covered up that not one Facebook friend of Alexander's has been informed.
The Church would rather the body lie there than let me take my own son's body.
I sent someone to the house where Alexander died with a letter for Andrea (wife) to sign over the body to me.
Alexander's mother in law answered the door.
It was BRUTAL.
He was told ~~
No communication ~~ all communication to Andrea ~~ Alexander's wife, is to go to
OFFICE of Special Affairs of the Church !
Tell Karen there will be NO VIEWING.
Get off the property or we will call the police.
This is what occurred to my friend who hand delivered a letter asking for my son's body.

Karen de la Carriere
[email protected]


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Incredibly sad. Karen, my heart goes out to you and Alexander. May you get to see your son and take care of his remains.