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Womans March


Saw this in the News today.


Tamika Mallory, co-founder of the Womans March apparently has ties to Louis Farrakhan.

The Womans March has been in the News recently as having Anti-Semitic views....and many woman are pulling out of the March due to this.

Apparently this was a topic on the View recently.

I just wanted to point out that if co-founder has ties to Louis Farrakhan then she also has ties to Scientology.

She claims Farrakhan is doing wonderful work in the Black Communities....and am wondering if any of the NOI get togethers at the Scientology Ideal Orgs are part of this (wonderful work.)

But....the View show evidently did not take that up or mention the connection between NOI and Scientology in anyway.

IMO the View missed the ball on this point.

IMO the Black Community is still in the dark about NOI and Scientology getting together.

Clay Pigeon

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I don't know as the black community is still in the dark about NOI and CoS.

If I were black I would quickly note that the bigotry and contempt for truth of the Antiscilons is a match for the centuries of bigotry and oppression heaped on me and my people.