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Just a funny story from my ITO Training...

Anyway, a little background. I had very little Scn training (bsm, staff status) but it was evident that I was a good student... My mom, Dad, Grandma, were in scientology, so I knew a little bit about study tech, I have a partial photographic memory, and I have a knack of understanding materials...

So I am in the first courseroom after being sent to do OEC/FEBC. I didn't have my M1 (audited word clearing Method one, for those not in the know), I was suppossed to but was unable to get any auditing because of other issues. In fact this was one of the selling points the CO LADay used to get me to go to ITO, that they would do the fix necessary to get me my M1. By the way, that never happened.

So I am doing the student hat, lots of checkouts, lots of dictionary time. Especially without the prereqs done... :duh: I am freaking out, because I didn't know what level of understanding, how much the person checking would want, etc... :nervous: Finally after a couple of flunks by a well trained student, I was informed by him that I was taking this too hard, just answer and hope it is the right one - turns out I knew the words, just no self confidence.

Anyway the point of the story,

I got one of those spot checks from the German sup (I think German), where they do a metered check.

She asks the definition of Thetan, I think "I know this one" because I have just cleared every definition of this.... So I give 2 definitions, and she says any other definition, SO I spout out the other one I have just read from the Tech dictonary that starts "a group of coin like entitities..." , she says this is incorrect, but has a strange look on her face. I insist I am correct, she says this is not a good definition... We go back and forth for a couple of minutes, and I get up and say "I will prove this" she challanges me, leads me to the library room, and says "come to me when you find it".

I start tearing apart all of the Tech dictionaries, one at a time, I go to the course rooms, can't find it... Finally I am ready to give up, but I start over because I KNOW that I have read this, this is a definition.

I find the dictionary, show her the refrence... She freaks, and takes the dictionary to the qual area, has me follow. Turns out this was a "Mayo" era print that someone had put in the library... That was the explanation.:thumbsup: I am sure after hours that library was torn apart to check, maybe not.

So I go back to the desk, I notice my PC folder is sitting there, a KR is started, and she just sets that aside. I didn't know what was going on - but now that I think about it, she thought I had some squirel activity, probably - and was checking my folder for evidence...


second story, same idea

I again get pulled in for a spot check, different supervisor...

Get asked a definition (don't remember the word), give one - get a flunk... I fight it because I just spent 20 minutes finding exactly the correct definition to that word. Yes, I am a little anal...

Again, disagreement ensues, 5 minutes...

Again go tearing into the library to find where I had found that defintion, again a KR....

I find it, show it to the sup, she says "this is archiac, should not be used" Huge oxford dictionary 30th definition, but fit exactly. I didn't back down, and she couldn't disagree because it fit...

After that, no more checks.

I did get paired with the really anal quy for word clearing because "I would clear the 99th definition of if, and we would be perfect twins" per the supervisor. :p Anal quy was not that bad.

Also, without M1 still finished in 5 months, and 90% of the stuff had to be star-rated. :thumbsup: Well til I get pulled off on the 3rd to last item on the FEBC to join the SO:whistling: ....


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Psychotic, completely psychotic. If you've got more of these little gems, I'd love to hear them. :)


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Get asked a definition (don't remember the word), give one - get a flunk... I fight it because I just spent 20 minutes finding exactly the correct definition to that word. Yes, I am a little anal...

So what would a Clear sup do if they ask the student the definition of clear and the student says, Oh that's when I stop mocking up my own reactive mind like I am doing right now. :eyeroll:


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A friend of mine, (OT7 and now deceased, we'll call him Barney - not his real name) told me a funny story about the very first auditing he got.

It was a very windy, cold and wet day in London as Barney was heading home after a long and tiring day at work. As he was walking towards tube station he was accosted by a rather attractive friendly young lady who insisted he do a free personality test.

He thought that she would be asking him the questions – but no luck. She left him inside and he had to answer them sitting at a desk by himself. While he was waiting for the evaluation the young lady convinced him to watch a free filmed lecture. He reluctantly agreed only because of her insistence that it was very short.

After the lecture, the evaluation still wasn’t ready and he tried to leave saying that perhaps he could come by tomorrow to collect it. He was again convinced that he should wait and he was sent to see the registrar in the meantime.

Barney was complaining to the registrar that he had been told that this wouldn't take very long and that he had been there over two hours now and that he was upset and wanted to go home.

The registrar was very understanding and said "Well, you know Scientology can handle that."

“Really? How?” Said Barney, amazed at the answer.

“This book has all the answers in it. You need to read it.” Said the registrar thrusting a DMSMH at Barney.

Barney saw this as an opportunity to give them a sale and perhaps he could get out of this place quickly.

But no – they had other ideas and they quickly 8Ced him to do a free Dianetics auditing session.

Under much protest and bewilderment Barney went into the auditing room with a rather young red faced auditor.

“Pick up the cans please.” Said the auditor.

“What the hell is this?” Asked Barney looking at this strange contraption.

After some explanation and half an hour of learning to do a can squeeze, the auditor told him that we would now be clearing the words of the auditing commands.

“What is the definition of the word ‘to’?" Asked the auditor, who was by now getting increasing frustrated and annoyed at Barney's insistence that he knew the definitions of plain English words and did not have to look them up.

Barney gave a definition. The auditor asked for another. Barney gave another. The auditor asked for another. Barney gave another. The auditor asked for another. Barney gave another.

“Flunk!” Shouted said the auditor.

Barney put the cans down on the table and walked out of the auditing room, through the reception area and out the front door, giving the staff that tried to stop him from leaving such dirty and fiercesome looks that they backed off pretty fast.
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And he still became OT, amazing... I would have walked, and probably not come back.

The funny thing is that the word clearer probably didn't know the definition Barney gave....:duh:
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Yeah, he told me that he would never would have gone back - except for the fact that in his effort to escape, he bought a book.

The invoice for the purchase of the book had his name and address on it. His name was now a stat for new names and was added to the CF (Central Files).

For the next five years or more he received persistent letters asking him what he thought about the book. He replied to one of these letters and the rest is a whole 'nother story!