Words You Will Never Find In Scientology


What are some words or concepts that are never covered in Scientology?

I've been thinking of some common spiritual concepts that are never broached in Scientology - or, if they are it is mentioned in passing to the point that I don't personally recall ever encountering them.

I'll start with altruism.

This concept, to my knowledge, is never even mentioned or addressed...either as a virture or an aberration.

Here's a response from a Scientologist regarding this question and remember that Scientologists are focused on literacy with whole rundowns devoted to that goal with countless dictionaries and encyclopedias and variations thereof and word clearing and all that. It's apparent from the response that the Scientologist, despite hours and hours in an academy (presumably because the response is deeply aware of Scientology), has never encountered the concept or word of "altruism".

Lord Xenu's servant

Is if scientology is rooted in altruism why dont they give out their crap out for free?

charging money for supposed slavation doesn't seem like a selfless act to me.

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It breaks down like this.

First of all it's not "ultruism". Anything you learn in Scientology is only true as long as you have observed for yourself that it is true. In other words Scientology is not a dogmatic religion. You can take and believe in what you want from what you learn.

Here's why they "charge" money for their services. Each church makes it's own money to support itself. Unlike conventional churches Scientology churches are open 7 days a week 365 days a year from a about 9am to 11pm DAILY. Think about the electric bills alone they have to pay. Not only that not all of the churches even own their own buildings and are on lease. So making mothly payments are a must. (Despite what you may have heard the government does not pay these for any church of any religion it's agains the constitution).

Then they have to pay for the materials they sell. These are not free for them. Paper, glue covers, ink shearing etc etc etc the list goes on, for what the publishers themselves need. If you figure this, we can buy about a 20 disc lecture set with a glossary, with transcripts in a beautifly asthetic cover for around 200 dollars. What does the average music CD cost?About 15 - 20, for the sake of math let's just go with 15. 15x20=300. WOW in scientology we just save a whole lot more than 100 dollars for that set of CDs!

So they do charge very reasonable prices for the materials. Diantics costs about 45 or 50 dollars. The new Harry Potter book (about the same amount of pages) is going for about 60 - 65 dollars. Point taken?

Then a percentage of the money goes to the International Association of Scientology (the management church that oversees the opperations of all churchs all of the world, which has it's own liasons in differant locations in the worlds, all of which do not make their own income as they are not service churchs)

THEN they pay their staff. Did you know the staff don't even get paid a whole lot? In the higher echelon churchs where their staff dedicate their whole lifes working for the church make about 50 dollars a week. They are clothed, fed and housed by the church they work for.

The ones in the lower echelon churches actually make a little more than they do as they only dedicate 5+ of their lives. These people are the ones that have to pay, rent morgage etc. But still have to work part time jobs just to make ends meet.

Also the churches provide money for

Narconon (drug rehab program http://www.narconon.org)
Criminon (criminal rehab http://criminon.org/)
Volunteer Ministers (disaster relief www.volunteerministers.org)
The Way to happinness Foundation http://thewaytohappiness.org/
Citizen Commision on Human Rights (cchr.org)

And many many more!

Anyway so as you can see there is a lot that the church has to pay for itself which is why these donations are necessary. Plus the donations are tax deductable so you wind up getting most of it back in the long run.

Hope that does it for you



Me I'm a Scientologist of 24 years

Anyone else have examples?

Rene Descartes

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First of all the person who asked the question is an amateur. Crap I just invalidated Lord Xenu. Apologies please.

The question itself is too intangible with reality. It leaves the naswerer with too much latitude to apit out garbage. The 24 year long scio answered the question as if it implied that the SCNO has to give out everything for free which it did not imply that.

24 year scio quotes some prices and compares them to Harry Potter books and CDs. Lord Xenu actually understands that something like this can't be for free and has to have a cost but the question implies that Lord Xenu thinks they should be for free.

A better question would be why does an emeter cost $5,000 US dollars. Yamaha guitar processors cost 400 - 600 $ US and look at all the doohickeys built into the sucker.

As for the books costing so much, of course they cost so much. They cost way too much. 24 Year scio says $200 but that is baloney because the 20 CD set costs $2,000.

If Andy Rooney were alive he would say, "Ever notice that SCNOs do not understand the concept of 'humility'. You can't point out anyting bad about them or their church. If you do they find every possible way to justify the bad or accept that the bad does not exist".

You can't say that an emeter carrying case should not cost $200 because they will then say that a Coach purse costs $600.

You can't tell them that Psychiatry and Psychology is helping people to cope and deal with Autism because they will tell you that Adolph Hitler hired pyschs to ECST the jewish people in Germany.

You can't tell them that they don't give away things for free bcause they will tell you that they just dumped 20,000 TWTH booklets over the plains of Africa.

I give up.

You can't tell them anything.

You can't even ask them anything.



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Harmony, oneness and peace.

Words seldom used or heard. If they are, the concepts behind them immediately lead back to serving the group or making an individual more "able" to serve the groups agenda.

E.g. "the dynamics should be in alignment (harmony?)" However on closer inspection this concept leads back to serving the group, or putting the group above all else as superior.

Oh and love. Totally lacking in scientology. If it is used, it is a very shallow version of what unconditional love encompasses.


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One will never find the more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

One will never find the more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Just a few moments of thought, for the following to come to mind:




Immediate Family







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Hey...I just noticed this in the Lord Xenu's servant question...

charging money for supposed slavation doesn't seem like a selfless act to me.

That's pretty fitting isn't it?

..."slavation" in place of "salvation"...

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Your money is their money. It's OK to stay until the wee hours of a weekday morning in pursuit of a reg or recruiting cycle. The Life History. :angry:


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Re: Words You Will Never Hear In Scientology

[SIZE=+9]I love you[/SIZE]


The biggest omission I have noticed is the lack of mention of love. They have a definition of it as "admiration and respect" but that is about it. Really loving another being or even a pet is never mentioned at all. If a person does that, they are made wrong for putting their love of another person ahead of that of the group.

Then there is admitting that they made a mistake. Per policy, that is not allowed.

Another biggie is "What would you like to do?" or "What are you good at?". A person has absolutely no choice where they are posted and the person's qualifications are never taken into account either. If they need someone as success story officer, recruiter, mimeo or purchasing officer they just post you there; the person is not consulted at all.