Words You Will Never Find In Scientology


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Oh, that's great you're pregnant ! Are you going to continue working after the baby is born or stay home ? Don't worry, we'll find a replacement for you if you
decide to quit. Now go home and get some rest for God's sake !!!!


Director of Processing says to Preclear - "Make sure you do not quit taking your prescription medications until first checking with your doctor to make sure it is okay."


Something you will never hear out of the mouth of any Scientologist:

"Yeah, Scientology has some good ideas and practices. But, also, there are MANY great ideas and practices in this wonderful world. Try out whetever you like, and pick and choose however you see fit. Sure, you can meditate, or practice visualization techniques, or do whatever else you want. We won't ever require you to stop anything that you find useful and valuable." :duh:


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Hell no I won't try to recruit you now, you're too young and you haven't even finished the purif!!!!


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I can't be on course tonight because first I've got some other fish to fry
and then I'm going bowling with my brother the psychiatrist.


Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology have completed their government certification and are now providing methadone and clean needles to heroin addicts.


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Ok, I know we've all worked hard tonight, and since it's 8:30, go on home, get a good nights sleep. There'll be plenty of planet to clear tomorrow.
"personal growth"

The notion doesn't exist. If one actually "grew", then one would "grow out" of Scientology and "move on".

Scientology keeps people fixated and located in one entrapped tiny little mindset (that pretends to be all and everything).

Change (away from Scientlogy) is not tolerated and is always veiwed as "evil" or "bad".

Involvement with Scientology is, simply, so incredibly stifling.

after i trained in san francisco and before mystic recruited me for staff at fcdc i was part of a magic show that had a big charity gig at the methodist campground on martha's vineyard. the organizers had arranged for a new york director to tweak our show. he turned out to be one of the rare people who ever told me they had been in scientology. i asked him what happened and he said his friend was auditing him one day and the session bogged down and he said "let's take a break and meditate on it". a few minutes of silence he says "i've got it!" he gets back on the cans, says "i'm overrun on scientology" his buddy says "your needle's floating"

makes sense to me

that's how many of us used to do it back in the day and it was fun then

Claire Swazey

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Are we confusing words not found there with words not UTTERED there; are we confusing words not found/uttered there with concepts not found there?

Man de la Mancha

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"Talk yourself into oblivion while refusing to get involved in any real attempts to do something about all the stuff you're talking about."

I've never heard a Scientologist say anything like that.


"I'm sorry but we cannot help you, would you please accept this refund, with interest."

SNOT ~ never seen the old windbag cover boogers and what to do with them, what would Ron do with a giant nose-squid? Eat it? Wipe it on the dog? Get Wee davey to do both? :shrug:

See? Its easy-peasy-as-pi ! :)