Wow, this is all heavy ~ may I provide some humor?

Arthur Dent

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.... I'd be biting the inside of my cheek putting on a blank face yet laughing inside. Always!!

Camera pans across the room: Disolve into scene, extras rejects from Day of the Dead, wearing out of date clothes, bad hairstyles. Focus on: Woman with a jacket from the 70s with a sagging sown on fabric flower with mussed hair. Fade out. :roflmao: This is so accurate! And funny! Where were you when they did the Gold shoots?? You could have added that homey touch and kept them away from that fake smile glossy unreal thing!

According to all this "Tech" for happiness and all that. Everything had some positive sounding adjective but I've never seen people with scowls on their faces. ....

Scowls. Slumped shoulders. Chain smoking habits. Body Odor. Toxic Personalities. These folks were on the "Path to Happiness"? Really, you haven't eaten a balance meal in 3 days, changed your suit jacket, don't work as a team, have clearcut goals yet you're the "Happiest" people on earth? Nothing changes!

I used to get handled left and right b/c I tried to tell the "wins" I had at University, with my coursework at NYU. I had to PRIVILEGE through my day job to meet the gent who created MANY dedicated now legendary shows both working on the book, directing or producing or all three who was working on his last show at age, get this, 104. Of course, I was talking for days and got "handled" by "well we have celebrities who are famous in Co$". No shit, you can't miss their faces on the posters throughout the building but how's your little "sell" to me relating to something most have envied even today. I was "out-ethics" b/c it wasn't a Scn. FUCK THAT LOL

Typical "churchie" think. Afraid of anything not scn. Not all, but some brainwashed staff are the most small minded people I've ever met!

The worst was the condescending screaming and "talk down" culture that permeated.
Some things never change! Was this not in Business 101??

Arcangel, your post was hysterical. And it is heartening that you didn't get sucked in as much as many here did! Your post made me laugh a lot! I hope you've had lots of successes in your life since then and pursued your dreams!
Hope to hear more recollections from staff!


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Yeah MEST something like that maybe 50s balding very fatherly. Sweet human being. No, we were up around 4 or 5, something behind lock and key was on 6 you are right about that.

The stairs to the roof were behind the stage in the auditorium. Used to love going up there in the mornings and have my breakfast sandwich and coffee.
I remember the black guy , Leon! I was once doing renovations and he went to give me a hug and I said, no I smell really bad. He replied (and I'll never forget lol!) "I would drink your sweat its so sweet" or something like that lol...I was a kid. I always imagined him as that he could have possible been a former drag queen