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The following is from WWP. Please do not be confused; Wiseman of the Watchtower is not on ESMB to my knowledge.


WWP: Intro from Ex-SO member, Toronto:
Hello anons.

As of this post, I am moving out of my scientologist father's house, in preparation for an expected SP declare on me. I'll anwer your questions eventually, but I don't have internet access at my new place, so I will have to check this thread later at the library.

I want to introduce myself and my involvement, so you will get an idea of what led me to be here. More importantly, because we've met before...


I was in the Sea Org base in Toronto for two years (2007-2009). It is known as CLO Canada, and it is in charge of all Orgs and Missions(tiny orgs) in Canada. It is the top 4 floors of 696 yonge street, and below that is the CofS Toronto.

I believed I could help many people when I joined the SO. So does everybody there. They want to help, and they really, really, really believe that they are achieving this. Nobody in the Toronto building intends to cheat people. I know this for sure. I don't know about the top management in LA.

In July 2007, a set of books, called the "Basics" were re-released to be sold to all public Scientologists. The idea was that the older books had many errors due to rushed printing jobs, and were hard to understand.

As time went on, it became clear to me that the sales of these books were more important than verifying if we had actually helped people. When managment communicates to public scientologists, they say that the biggest accomplishments are social reform (drug education, government reform, etc.) and acquiring new scientology churches (africa and Canada). Behind closed doors, the Sea Org's greatest accomplishment in the past two years was that Bridge publications broke the $300 million mark in sales. A movie night was held, with ice cream and chips and pop, and all was good.

I didn't attend that movie night.

You may not believe me that the Canadian SO are good at heart when they pull stuff like this, but they still are. Because they are middle management, a lot of their actions are determined by orders from the Int base, so that might be the source of this behaviour.

In December 2008, I wanted to visit family for a week during Christmas. I was shocked to find out that a co-worker had not been home for christmas in 6 years. I agreed to stay and do his job so he could see family. Come January, I would ask twice for a week off, and both times, it was disapproved.

I decided to go see my family anyway, as this kind of treatment was undeserved. I dedicated the entire past two years to working in CLO Canada, and it was bizzarre that they would try to prevent me from going.

The night before my planned week off, I was confronted by to senior SO members, and threatened with shouts and warnings about being declared and never getting spiritually free, and that even if I left the building to go see my family, I wouldn't get to, because they would disconnect once the Declare was official.

This use of MY RELIGION to control me an manipulate me was why I decided that things were not what they seemed. The canadian SO members who perpetrated this control activity were not entirely to blame: they were following orders from ILO and the Int base.

I finally was dismissed in April 2009, three months after my "illegal" week off. I actually stopped being a scientologist way before I left the Sea Org, because of the pattern of threats used against me.

I don't know how benificial auditing is. Evidence does suggest that people benefit from the lower grades, I believe. I never did any, and now I never will. But if this stuff actually works, then the manipulation perpetrated by management is even worse, because they are creating their own enemies by the way they treat their staff, and they are preventing people from wanting to do the services with their brazen high-pressure book sales campaigns.

-Wiseman of the Watchtower
(more to come)
Part II of my intro

The Attack of Anonymous

It was around 9pm in february. I was minding my own business, filing some papers in the basement files room. All of a sudden one of my Sea Org seniors comes to get me. She says that there is a 'situation' and we were going to have an emergency meeting before shutting down for the night.

As all the sea org members stood silently, with a tense apprehension of the news to come, someone called 'attention' and we waited.

The Commanding officer of the CLO greeted all the Sea Org base, and the first thing he said was "Now LRH says that when you expand, you find SPs will get mad" He went on to describe that a group called 'anonymous,' which attacks many religions and other good groups, had turned their attention on the scientology building this time.

He said there were plans of vandalism, and other such things. I was particularly concerned about the vandalism. There were also fears of Sea Org members being assaulted as they went home, and the SO members were broken into groups, to walk home safely.

Following that briefing, most were allowed to carry on, but the big guys (including me) were held back for a special 'planning' stage. We hear further details about the pranks, which were pretty low. They said there was a plan to 'shit bomb' the sewer system to create a flood inside the building.

Following that, we were given different jobs. I became the night security guard, along with one other man. It began immediately. Because I had no post at the time, I would spend over a month on the night shift, watching constantly for vandalism.

The day of the first protest came, and I was finishing my night shift and heading to sleep. Because of my schedule, I never saw any of the protests.

Interestingly, while anons never did anything, they inspired some stupid stuff done by random people. It wasn't much more than some eggs and spat-on windows, but I was really pissed that I had to scrape frozen egg off a window at 3am on february. Not fun.

One night, people across the street were throwing snowballs at the org. I went over to one man and confronted him. He was drunk. He said that he didn't like the sign. I said that he doesn't have to like scientology but he shouldn't throw stuff at the building. I said "if I don't like you, I wouldn't throw stuff at your house." That was pretty much it.

Prank Calls

The biggest "attack" that we got in toronto were prank calls to the 1st floor reception. I actually didn't mind the calls - when you get a real call from another scientology org, it is actually more frustrating then any prank call I ever received, because it meant running around the building to find somebody. And boy are they persistent - I once had to hang up on a Flag saleswoman because she was harassing one of our staff to buy a Basics package off her account!

Then one day I got a 'nice' prank call with a recorded message that 'anonymous is here to help'

Yeah, right. After all the crap I went through, the last thing I would do is approach anonymous.

So that was my experience with you on the other side. Which is why I strongly believe that pranks are no good: nothing is more effective at keeping SO members glued together then a prominent (and rude) enemy.


My intention is to reform management. I now see that you are aware of the same problems I am. You just have a lot to learn.

Properly done, you can make a positive difference.

I can provide the wisdom, but it is up to you to use it.

-Wiseman of the Watchtower


well, you've got your very own thread now, heh. :thumbsup:

i don't know what kind of guidance you intend to give to a herd of cats, but im interested in what you have to say.