Xenophon may sue Malaysian newspaper


Cross posting from WWP, hm, seems the origional article in Malaysian was published by the NTS' sister publication, that version has NOT retracted the story!
Slimey bastads...... Ohhhhhh Senator! :wave:

WWP threade here> https://whyweprotest.net/community/...s-direction-at-malaysia-protest.102086/page-2

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Requesting Oz Anons relay this information to Senator Xenophon

Utusan Malaysia [ Malaysian Courier ] is the number 1 selling Malay-language daily in Malaysia. It is owned by UMNO, the ruling political party.

Utusan Malaysia wrote the original defamatory article against Xenophon, in Malay language.

Later, New Straits Times copied and pasted Utusan's article into English and published it in their newspaper.

New Straits Times has since made a retraction and issued an apology.

Utusan Malaysia's original article is still available online. (see post #66 above) There has not been any retraction or apology from Utusan.