Yes, L. Ron Hubbard wrote even more about children and sex, and we need to talk about it

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Yes, L. Ron Hubbard wrote even more about children and sex, and we need to talk about it

We continue to explore L. Ron Hubbard’s statements about sex and children since Leah Remini made that subject such a part of the second season of her series, Scientology and the Aftermath.

We understand that these stories are uncomfortable for some former Scientologists. But we believe these are important examinations of who Hubbard[.......]

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Gold Meritorious Patron
The elephant with the neon pink tutu is back in the room.

Any man or woman coming forward now with an account of abuse would bring down deeply unpleasant push back from the koolaid crowd and the curious, picking apart of stories. Shame for themselves, their family. Perhaps the pride and memories of being that special person of being close and serving the great man, would be permanently tainted. Perhaps the proudest time in their life. Life with all its layers and nuances the best of times could also be simultaneously the worst of times.

The man is dead, although his toxic cesspool of a legacy lives on in his writing, if people feel it would benefit them to speak out about his abuses, then that is their choice and one that I would hope would primarily benefit them, because the man himself can physically hurt no one new any longer, even though his writings and beliefs continue to spread horror and cover up abuses of all kinds.

Do we even need to hear from victims? Personally I don't think it is necessary unless it brings great healing to the person themselves.

It doesn't take a human behaviour profiler to paint the picture of what he was. The moment I heard about young girl messengers dressing him I knew, even if their was no actual physical contact, this was someone who was getting his jollies and power from some very twisted place.

Then there is his masturbatory fetish diary sold as a science fiction satire. Of course he would want it sold, greed to the end. He may have written it for his own pleasure, personally I believe it was. But the lure of more money, delusions of genius and acclaim wouldn't have declined with age.
Anyone can write the most bizarre porn. The question is whether or not that person acts on it. The decisive factor would be level of power and access. Hubbard had both. He had adults sign billion year contracts, allow their kids to be used as servants scrubbing decks, allow or deny eternity and anyone challenging him was shamed,removed, shunned.
Just like presidents and powerful media people, untouchable through power and fear. Hubbard could get away with anything within his world. And he probably did.

Hubbard's name is forever tainted. I feel deeply sad for those who survived his many evils and those who didn't. For all exes and those touched by it, will find some acceptance and peace.

Clay Pigeon

Gold Meritorious Patron
Well, yes, Mr. Hubbard's magnum opus is, among other things, a classic and unique Shiva dance of creation and destruction and it is a measure of the immense and profound value of his enduring contribution to examine the slag heap outside the steel mill.