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Yo, my beautiful thetans.


I left staff because after too much bullshit had already piled up some whacked out mission from The Apollo showed up and for reasons unknown removed me from post, told m not to communicate ith staff members and put me on GO lines which office proceeded to ignore me

Everything when ron was alive had a double imprimatur; LRH CSI
OK, I'm not going to say anything more on it.


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Jeeezuz....when did we get to a point of not even being able to discuss Scientology pros & cons without throwing toys out of the pram. No one on this thread is peddling Scientology. Bits of Scientology are being discussed. For Christs sake, there has to be SOME areas of Scientology that worked or seemed logical that kept us all in for so long. I'm not afraid to tell you what I think was correct/logical/workable....Serfacs/Overt motivator sequence/ARC triangle plus a few more.

Are you going to ask me to leave ESMB?
Out with you, quisling.

Clay Pigeon

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Oh shoosh already CP, you're late, as usual. :deadhorse: Emma has already commented. End of. :theend:

The rest of FTs post was good, anyway. Let's not get all snickety pickety now.

I can just picture you with a (something) in your hand, swearing with a fist out.


Now you settle down now (said with a caring,but lightly stern look). Here's a vid for you that you'll love (final scene):

If the something you picture in my hand is my dick you might be psychic. As I've said I've been having physical problems which have landed me in the hospital several times the last few years but I've been recovering lately and am pleased to report I've jacked off four times in the past few days.