YOU Magazine South Africa: Scientology destroyed my family


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YOU Magazine South Africa: Scientology destroyed my family.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog Scientologists back in comm:

EXCLUSIVE!!! YOU Magazine puts RCS under the spotlight

RCS = Radical Church of Scientology, in the language of Independent Scientology.

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YOU – a weekly publication in South Africa and the 2nd biggest circulating consumer magazine in this country (155,125) has featured a double-page spread about the RCS – including the Corbett’s lawsuit, enforced disconnections and families destroyed by the Church.Following on from the Mail & Guardian exposè last month, we were approached by YOU for more information and were happy to oblige. We also suggested the Church be approached for comment and were somewhat amused to hear that they agreed to an interview. Of course their response was pretty predictable – as you will read below.The fact that the Church agreed to see the journalist probably came about as a result of the foot-bullet “deny deny deny” and antagonistic response given to the Mail & Guardian last month, The journalist covering that article told us Gaetane was “an extremely aggressive person”. This did NOT go down well with M&G.The pic above is this week’s cover page – we found it amusing that J-Lo is featured in the same edition. She was one of the few people that publicly supported her good friend Leah Remini when Leah publicly departed the Church earlier this year.

Below is a two-page spread of the article, and beneath that we have printed each page in larger format so that it can be read easily. For our overseas visitors, you can order a once-off digital edition of the magazine by clicking here. In dollar/Rand exchange rate you will pay about $2 (R21) which is a bargain for an online copy. You can then forward this to your own friends and family.

If you’d like to leave a comment on YOU magazine’s Facebook page about the article, you can do so here – Their FB page has been liked by 114,148 people so comments will reach many people – the more the merrier. We also intend cross-posting to the BIC blog.Without further ado, here’s the article:



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Patron with Honors
So now disconnection exists again. :confused2:

And they seem to have given up the comparison with divorce for an even lamer one. An old friend "who stabbed you in the back", ORLY ? Except in most cases they aren't any "old friends", they are brothers and sisters and parents and children.

My mom and dad and siblings aren't just "old friends".

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
Every story is another nail in the sciobot coffin.

Every question or doubt a member has - ask or not is another nail.

Very time someone leaves it is another nail.

Soon the coffin will be sealed and weighted all that will be left is the burying.

On that day I will supply one red rose for all those that suffered because of this hideous thing.

And I will dance on the grave.