Zeljka Bosnjak wants to get in touch with her son Andreas Jukic. (Scientology Disconnection?)


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Zeljka Bosnjak wants to get in touch with her son Andreas Jukic. Scientology Disconnection?

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Published on Published on September 11, 2017

Zeljka Bosnjak

How to handle Scientology - No Communication

I would like to get in touch with my son Andreas Jukic!!!

I ask whoever can help me to resolve this CONFLICT - Why I can not see my son Andreas here in Vancouver who is a Member of The Church of Scientology.

I was in Church too but for some not know reason can not be there. I am psychic and can see killing every day of his soul twins everywhere - they are doing horrible things.

As I emailed Church to let me to get in touch with him I just got a note on FB that I do not have to worry about him. For over month and a half, I was texting him without result.

Even he is giving a message like it I think he is in danger as those people do not have slightest intention to stop.

Zeljka Bosnjak, Vancouver BC

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Published on Published onSeptember 6, 2017

Zeljka Bosnjak


I place a big value in some Volunteer Minister Courses offered and done by Church of Scientology.

However, my self I tried to get in touch with my son Andreas Jukic I was not able to change that with or without course I've finished before I was told that I can not study in Chruch for no reason. I still need an explanation for it.

As there is an unclear situation I would like to get in touch with my son, but it seems impossible as any message from me got unanswered. I am wondering if he is still alive especially as some of our (mine and his) documents got missing. Somebody can use it, after killing him and live under his name. Even I like to write this is not just pure imagination as recently that has been done in City of Kakanj in Bosnia (where I was born).

In big Church like this, especially in Sea Org that is more than easily done when some of the main people there, got pulled in the crime trying to protect their daughters who did a thing that would not be likely nice to mention here. In an attempt to get me out of Church, I have been told that there is no work anymore and I do not have to study material from office as all will be changed. But I have been told to study with others regular material what I started but then after signing that I will not sue the Church, I was not allowed to come there anymore.

I do not have to be a Member or work or study in Church but I do want have contact with my son and be sure that he is Ok and no harm is done to him and that he is alive.

I would like to get a society involved in this as my son was never like this and something is wrong there. I do want an explanation for this acting as I have no clue why this is happening.

As Andreas was never like this before I do want to make sure that this comes from him with no pressure from others. And even if he says that he does not want contact I want to be sure that he is OK there.

I think that this is my Gods Right and right as an only parent of him after the death of his father in Germany.

I hope my call will be answered,

I believe that God is going to get his hand into it and resolve this conflict whatever is there.

Zeljka Bosnjak

Croatian Poet, Lyricist, and Writer

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Zeljka Bosnjak FB post on Scientology Volunteer Minister Course:

"For free courses on the Internet, see the link.


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