Thursday Funnies

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    Thursday Funnies

    The most significant ever… As always. Even more significant than opening SuMP? It’s only the best until the next one. The one thing you can do to thrive… Stay away from any registrars. Super fun… If that’s what you call being endlessly beaten for money… But the “beach backyard” sounds cool. But[.......]

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  2. Out Ethics

    Out Ethics Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    "The game of life demands that one assume a beingness in order to accomplish a doingness in the direction of havingness" L Ron Hubbard

    Translated out of Scientology into Wog language:

    The game of Scientology demands that one assumes a beingness of a cult member which is to believe everything Scientology tells you about L Ron, Miscavige and SP's....

    in order to accomplish a doingness so that Scientology accumulates slaves that are robots and work for free and are able and willing to fleece others out of money and slave labor....

    in order for David Miscavige to have a havingness of a lavish lifestyle whilst hob nobbing with Tom Cruise and other Big Beans.:p