Do you have ANY Photos of the Old Celebrity Center Days???

((This may be tl;dr for some...but for those who like to read about how things were back in the day, this is a couple stories worth reading))

We went to another great hamburger place..on Alvarado, not Tommy's near by.
As we ate, he told jokes, we laughed and I think I fell in love that night. After...I thought we *had* to go back. I asked, "Now what?" He: "We're going's out tech to do that". (Study without enough sleep). We went back to the Manor, and in his room, he started to kiss me. At the time there was "no sex with students" in one of the PL's. So I said, "no--we can't". He: "There MUST be a loophole here somewhere". :hysterical:

The next day I asked the course admin if there had been any changes to *that*?
He smiled and said sweetly: "Yesssssssssssssssssss". And handed me the correction. So I went over to my "Twin", and said: "Good news!" He deep into study, looked up and asked, "What?" I said: "There IS a loophole". He: "huh?"
:blush: Super embarrassed---I thought "Oh Gawd, what if he doesn't care?"

In my quest for spiritual enlightenment, at that time, 1970-76, I didn't let policy come between true oneness with another human being.

Sometimes, and I do regret this, I allowed shallow thinking to dominate, where I could have experienced mind awakening oneness with fellow bc students (Doris and Rachel come to mind).

the way I remember it: culture trumped policy

I mean that sincerely.

What everyone else was doing was far more important than green on white.

and the hill overlooking both the City of LA and Dodger Stadium, a part of Elysian Park, at the top of Douglas St. off Sunset near Alvarado was a very good spot to watch the submarine races.



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((This is regarding PG getting security checked))

What year was this, PG? As in 1974 there were no security checks ...we just rented rooms. As I pointed out above, "Maria" was hooking out of the Manor!

Now---were they possibly considering you for staff with the GO? As then, they may have security checked someone, although I don't recall security checking even occurring back then. IF it was for the GO, that'd be why they used a room, there. Other than that, I have no idea. What kind of questions did they ask you, if you don't mind?

Just so you know---I've done sec checks in rooms at Flag, and in a bathroom with a staff member, at Flag---so rooms are often used. :eyeroll:

If anyone else knows more, please fill us in.

My best and Happy Friday!!! :happydance:


The 1st time I got a room there I was put on the cans and questioned. I swear.
I think that this was in 1975.
No, I don't remember the questions.

Now that I have read some contrary responses on this, I wonder what was going on. :confused2:

(I hope that I am not derailing this thread. I'll stop if so.)

P.S.: Maybe someone in Riverside Mission upper mgmt requested that this be done? Could that have been possible?
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