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MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread


Leakus Maximus
Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 62, July 5 2012


14 bridge steps in the last 60 days? Why am I not impressed at all about this?

What happened to the 'flood' of TRs & Objectives completion that was lauded in previous newsletters (only 4???) ? What about all those purif completions (only 3???) ?

Of course I have little concept of what is actual 'good' production for a Class V org, but really this boastful crowing about 14 completions just seem rubbish. Good luck clearing the planet...

Completion list text version:

Jaimee Trio - The Purification Rundown

David White - The Purification Rundown

Robert Mincone - The Purification Rundown

Stephen Minton - Objectives Processing

Fyonna Mckenzie - Objectives Processing

Yong He - Objectives Processing

Nat Conti - TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course

Tracy Tseng - TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course

Alice Cho - TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course

Adrian Caligiuri - TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course

Greg Paul - Scientology Drug Rundown

Hunter Leonard - Expanded Grade 0

Pino Mincone - Expanded Grade 0

Jenni Gyffyn - False Purpose Rundown

Melbourne Saint Hill Size Newsletter (quietly renamed to 'recruitment newsflash' as they have no hope of going saint hill size)


ANOTHER person joins staff and ANOTHER person leaves (implicitly). I cannot stress this enough, this is absolutely ridiculous staff turnover. And they are now so desperate for staff they appear to be pinching recruits from right under Sydney Org's nose!!!

Text list:

Melbourne Day Technical Complement Standings:

1. James Rinder
2. Anthony Simpson
3. Yvonne Henry
4. Tracey Lucas
5. Cat Kemble
6. Annalisa Rinder
7. Josh Hsieh (I/T - Level III completion)
8. Tinny Chen (I/T - Level III completion)

1. Kate Foundas
2. Pauline Turner

1. Caroline Maloney
2. Eve Vennell
3. Gabrielle Harper
4. Kylie Beck
5. Naomi Banfield (I/T - almost done!!!)

1. Ray Lester

1. Emme Messina

1. Geoff Serra
2. Ruth Price

1. Cindy Simes



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Despite having a dozen or so SO now stationed in Melbourne (including Snr HCO working full-time on recruiting for Melbourne) they can't crack the 110 mark:omg:

Shrinking much, cult? No matter how much "Command Intention" tells you to make Melbourne work, it isn't going to happen.:no:

Three Taiwanese bridge completions - they wouldn't be CLO crew stationed in Melbourne by any chance?:roflmao:

Panda Termint

Cabal Of One
Yep, all that long-hoped-for expansion, all those dreams of a truly ideal org, all that time, money, blood, sweat and tears and it's just not happening.
It's amazing how long it takes some people to see that.

I've said it here on ESMB several times before but, just for fun, I'll say it again;

I think John Duignan said it best in his book, The Complex.

On page 164, discussing the Hubbard method of statistical management of the CofS he says,

"Despite the Founder's insistence that an accurate statistical analysis would solve all the organisational problems and cause a huge boom in income and delivery, the real reason these little churches remained impoverished was simply that the general public did not, never had and never would like Scientology."

I think that is as good as it gets in terms of explaining these things. :)


Leakus Maximus
I have posted this promo before, but I got it again and it is definetly worth reposting given the furore over the TomKat divorce.

Feel free to feed to the media!

Church of Scientology Melbourne Courses for Kids



Leakus Maximus
Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 63 - July 9th 2012


Oh good grief... they even pulled Virginia Stewart out for this one, extolling how regging people for staff is magically going to 'turn the tide of suppression' :duh:

I like how they are seated dining style, couldn't get enough people in for regular rows of seats?

Oh, and I almost missed this beauty:

"Following them were further performances which were simply from that time and age where anything went."






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I 'massively successful expansion event' were a whole 4 people signed up to be on staff! :yawn:

I bet 1 will not even start another won't last the first 3 months the last two might, might make it for 2 or so years.


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Virginia's "years" on the front line have taken a toll on her - she looks shit. Even compared to her last public outing, she has aged dramatically.

And the scam continues.:bigcry:


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Melborne Day Rap Video



Patron Meritorious
So has Virginia Stewart been demoted or something? According to the newsletter, her title is Social Reform Aide ANZO. Wasn't she their chief media liaison in the past? Also, WTF does a social reform aide do?

Purple Rain

So has Virginia Stewart been demoted or something? According to the newsletter, her title is Social Reform Aide ANZO. Wasn't she their chief media liaison in the past? Also, WTF does a social reform aide do?

I do not know, Supa, but I assume it would include responsibility for the major Scientology front groups such as Way to Happiness, Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Criminon etc. Scientology's idea of "social reform" is a bit like Norman Bates' idea of how to treat your mother, of course, but I am confident she will get the same kind of impressive results she did with handling the hell out of the Australian media, which may well have landed her the plum new role.


Leakus Maximus
So has Virginia Stewart been demoted or something? According to the newsletter, her title is Social Reform Aide ANZO. Wasn't she their chief media liaison in the past? Also, WTF does a social reform aide do?

Virginia has always been the Social Reform Aide (at least for quite a while). A Social Reform Aide basically being the OSA PR title for the person organising the front groups, as Purple Rain suggested.

It is interesting that she was not introduced as OSA ANZO, which would be the senior title from Social Reform Aide. (she surely could not have been kicked out of OSA...)

She also wears the PR hat, but since the last time we properly got a spokesclam on tv to give a serious response was in Four Corners back in 2010 (as far as I can recall) its hard to know who is actually the designated media liaison.

Edit: tentative list of staff clams who have acted as spokespersons, in person or in statement:
Cyrus Brooks
Virginia Stewart
Vicki Dunstan


Patron Meritorious
first of all I thought those were a bunch of Mormons rapping around.
While Melbourne is busy "getting their stats up" and playing the wonderful "LRH birthday game", they are oblivious to the empty orgs around the rest of the world.
As the Ideal orgue there is still new and shiny, it may take years before people (especially these young ones seen here) realise it is all part of the same trap, we also once fell for many years ago.
If they were at least interested in hearing about past experiences from old members, but no... they are just as deluded as we once were.
Very sad when you consider they WILL look back in maybe 15-20 years time see that it was just a waste of time, where they could have been concentrating on something that would really have an effect their lives.
Instead they choose to live in their own little $cientology world with their own group of believers.
They really think they are making the world a better place.
Very sad:yes:


Leakus Maximus
ITT: Melbourne org spams me relentlessly with crap


The thought of Scientologists trying to teach people internet promotion always makes me facepalm.


Melbourne Org Saint Hill Size Newsletter


Well they have given the newsletter a revamp and there is now a full staff tally. WOW are they seriously trying to get 120 staff? They are wasted.


WHOA Melbourne Org made a clear. How many is that this year? 2? Has anyone been keeping track?

Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 64, 19th July 2012


No comment.

Damn I am sick of going through this spam. If anyone wants to take over my job and get the Leaks I/C hat write-up send me an expression of interest PM.


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Thank you Zhent! Your tireless efforts in freeing mankind (from our BS) are deeply appreciated - Love, All ANZO Staff & Public


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Wow, didn't they get the word that there's NO universe corp coming to be their "personal auditors" to OT? Dupedom RULES!


Leakus Maximus

Channel Seven? I wonder if he did any ads for Today Tonight...


Melbourne Saint Hill Size Newsletter


Melbourne Foundation Newsletter, Issue 64, 26th July 2012


I was watching a TV report of violence in Kings Cross, with the usual video shots of drunk idiots parading for the camera, and I finally had the recognition connection to those ridiculous scientology graduation photos they keep posting in the newsletters. These people are the same drunk fools who have lost their grip of rationality and critical thinking. They are drunk on Scientology and, dare I say it, very low toned...

So when are they going to wakeup and feel the hangover?

Oh, and we also learn the IAS is going to fund a major campaign in a Australia. Right let me guess, funded from fresh donation drives as usual with most siphoned off to the US?


And a reminder, the position of ANZO Leaks I/C is open, enquire within. Don't expect me to be processing through this bullshit forever.