Promo Frequency


Squirrel Extraordinaire
This is a question about written Scn policy, the theoretical stuff, not what happens in real life.

Once upon a time there was an issue, Finance Series 13 I believe, that listed out all the types of promo an org should be mailing, and also what it should NOT be mailing. At the time, I thought it was a pretty sensible issue. I was FBO AOSHUK and interested in making good use of the FP Allocation, not trying to get this week's stat up at whatever cost. (Example: I recall one mailing of a single flier for a book (Phoenix Lectures, maybe) to the trained & processed list, maybe 10 or 20 thousand people. It did not produce one single sale of that book. Madness!) I was not the final authority on how the money was spent, so I couldn't have it all my own way, unfortunately.

Anyway, what I remember from that issue was that the main mailings the org would send out would be the magazine, in SH's case this would be the Auditor Mag once a month and the Advance! Mag once a month, not all to the same people, although many would get both. Most of the random promo pieces would get added to the mag mailing and sent out at the same time, like an invitation to the Open night or the tape play or whatever. There would be info packs of various types to be sent to individuals who could use them, but these would be a dozen or so a week, not a broad mailing of thousands. And the FSM newsletter and so on, but these were small mailings, not in the tens of thousands. Fliers were things you stuffed in with personal letters to people in Central Files, not things you mailed out as bulk mail in the thousands. It doesn't cost anything to stick a flier in with a letter, as opposed to a separate mailing.

Then Finance Series 13, the list of permissible promo, got cancelled by Bush and Cheney for their own nefarious purposes. Well, it wasn't Bush and Cheney, but it got cancelled for some reason, maybe because it wasn't written by Hubbard, and I don't recall what replaced it.

Anyone know?