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Featured Shooting Stars

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by afaceinthecrowd, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Bost_Bobby

    Bost_Bobby Patron with Honors

    Dammit! There it was the whole time just staring us in the face and we missed it. Thank you for that clarification. I've cognited and now have 100% certainty on the matter now. Thank you, Mimsy. :hysterical:

    Am I wrong in that if we all hear it exactly as it is that it will disappear and that if it is altered it will persist? Or am I getting my axioms mixed up again? If I am right then does that not throw a wrench into the old man's goal here?
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  2. Bost_Bobby

    Bost_Bobby Patron with Honors

    Do they really need all that expensive equipment just to make those cheesy videos they keep sending me? I'm feeling kind of important now .
  3. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    I think the whole thing is about being eye candy for the behind the camera crew in Hollywood. We know those in front of the camera only care about adoration. I wouldn't be surprised if they start renting it out for wog video production.

    Edit!!! Oops! Miscavage thinks it's eye candy for celebs, because he doesn't really understand the business. Missed that target, eh?

  4. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    . . .
    Hollywood production studio location = easier for contract help (which they're using
    a hell of a lot of these days) to arrive, as opposed to that long hot drive to Hemet and back.

    Ron in the early 50's and 1957.

    1953.jpg 1957.jpg ..

  5. Bost_Bobby

    Bost_Bobby Patron with Honors

    I really like and appreciate your posts. More often than not you open my eyes to a facet of a situation that I had not considered. I was so much smarter in my twenties and thirties than I am now. Without a doubt I knew everything then. What the hell happened?:laugh:
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  6. Bost_Bobby

    Bost_Bobby Patron with Honors

    And in the 1770s
  7. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    The recurring theme with LRH, seen over and over in various areas, was that HE was the expert in EVERYTHING.

    Especially when he was not.
  8. Little David

    Little David Gold Meritorious Patron

    Tom Cruise on CLEARSOUND from Rolling Stone and Los Angeles magazine:

    From Scientology:

    Too bad that for whatever reason Scientology wasn't able to get Cruise to show up for the Scientology Media Productions opening. He could have given the tours of the CLEARSOUND State Of The Art Sound Technology recording studios!
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  9. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    So!!!! Which version ended up in the films - clear sound or wog sound?

  10. Bost_Bobby

    Bost_Bobby Patron with Honors

    Wasn't Apollo Stars recorded on a hybrid combination of the two systems? Clogsound?
  11. uncover

    uncover Gold Meritorious Patron

    You are close, but this recording technology is correctly written: cloacasound
  12. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    I recall when I first listened to a LRH lecture on cassette tape in a class 5 org, circa 2000, the new thing being clearsound. I noted the tape player said clearsound, but also made by Nakamichi. I had wondered about that at the time as Nakamichi was a major player in cassette decks in the 1970/80's.

    A couple of treads:

    IMHO, the DM/COS got Nakamichi to slap the clearsound logo on the cassette players for a price. I have to figure, DM tells Nakamichi I have a buyers market of so many orgs and missions which are required to buy these cassette players from the COS/RTC. Hence, my logic, DM/RTC has a built in profit margin. :confused2:

    I mean, if Clearsound was the ultimate, why isn't it, the logo being spread far and as the latest new thing of the ultimate in sound. :confused2:

    I smell another scam on scientologists. :confused2:

  13. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    1) DM issued the order to only buy "Clearsound", and
    2) DM authorized Nakamichi to use the Clearsound label, and
    3) Nakamichi gave DM (the individual) any sort of personal compensation or kickback for that, then
    4) there's yet another thing that DM could find himself going to jail for.
  14. Orglodyte 2

    Orglodyte 2 Patron with Honors

    Looks like "Number of Knobs" is a stat.
  15. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Yep, that could be it. Goodness knows it's the most fearful and uncomfortable looking bunch of people, another bizarre concept of reality from Hubtub.
  16. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    A couple of the children of the corn have spoken:

    "Terri GamboasaysDecember 22, 2016 at 5:43 pm
    Brian, your 2 posts at 9:44 am and 10:20 am are very true and profound. I read them twice and read them to others. Having grown up with David Miscagive from when he joined at 16 years old and having worked directly with LRH for 22 years as his messenger I say “well spoken!!”.

    Miscavige emulated Hubbard because he had the same streak of evil in him and was willing to continue the harsh and brutal treatment of others that LRH started, others did not have that same drive nor inclination.

    A few years after David Miscavige became a messenger I put a written quote in his in box regarding treating others with compassion as I saw it was something he was extremely lacking. Instead of reading it and hopefully learning something from it he spent the ENTIRE day going all over the base with Mark Yager by his side (they were puppy dog friends at the time) and asked every single person on the base if they put this article in his in box. He did not quit until he had asked everyone, I was the last person he asked and when I told him yes I had put it in his in box he was ready to explode and asked “why”. I was very calm in my response so that he wouldn’t explode and just kept it simple “because I thought it was an excellent article and you might like it”…… he looked very confused and walked away, not sure if I was implying something or what…..
    LRH would yell and scream at people all day long, denigrate them, RPF them and sec check people for months on end, but David Miscavige has taken it to a whole new level with physical beatings in addition to heavy denigration, RPFing and sec checking.

    This ties in with LRH’s quote on brainwashing:

    ….”The only reason brainwashing works the way the commies do it is because they make people do self-criticism…. but they make them think-think-think-think-think in their heads…. Figure-figure harder, figure-figure harder, and they just keep reducing their havingness (taking things away), reducing their havingness, reducing their havingness….”

    L. Ron Hubbard “Auditing Techniques…” January 1957

    This is the Sea Org exactly. When he first wrote it in 1957 that was 10 years before the Sea Org started and he was still developing his exact brand for controlling and enslaving others, then he eventually used that along with many other “traps” to complete the picture, such as “the only reason a person blows (leaves the Sea Org) is due to overts and witholds (transgressions they have committed)….. but when David Mayo wrote LRH on the ship that he disagreed with this and that it was an upset with the organization that this certain person wanted to leave, LRH then wrote David Mayo and Bill Franks a “secret” letter in response stating that David was correct about that but never to let that word get out as he would lose all his staff and all his public…… hence the trap was completed !! With the strong purpose of “saving the planet” people were willing to follow, but we were truly being enslaved ourselves and at the same time denied family and those who cared about us. It was important to get rid of this “family” thing that kept taking his staff and public. He was a master at psychology and manipulation.

    LRH codified and created this monster machine that David Miscavige has since hi-jacked and used for his own personal gain, power and self-gratification after destroying and taking out all of his peers that were more compassionate and caring towards others. Most of those that have left are very good, hard-working, caring individuals from the very top level of the church management, anybody still on the inside reading this – ask yourself “why are all of these hundreds of people leaving”?…… maybe there is some truth to what they are saying…… Can hundreds be wrong or is it maybe the one ruthless leader on the inside that truly is beating up people, terrorizing staff to keep them quiet and Disconnecting families so as to keep his crimes from becoming public? Ask yourself these questions, that’s what we did when we left 27 years ago and things were not nearly as bad back then as they are now……


    Miscavige has gotten away with this for a very long time as he is a “Master at Deception”, but now I am sure he is driving himself insane with his accumulated crimes on his fellow human beings.

    I am glad Leah and Mike are next delving into the grand multi-million dollar “Music Man” events that Miscavige puts on as these are the tool, smoke and mirrors that keep the sheep close and keep the money rolling in to fill his battle funds so he can keep fighting the enemies that he continues to create.

    In the right hands this organization could have been a great thing.

    Terri Gamboa
    One of the 4 original Commodore’s Messengers on the ship
    Former Commanding Officer Commodore’s Messenger Org
    Former Executive Director Author Services Inc (Hubbards’ business management company) for almost 10 years
    Holder of 1 of only 6 issued LRH Diamond Pin awards to “Most Highly Trusted top staff” by LRH
    LRH appointed Lifetime Trustee of the top church level (Lifetime status kept hidden by Miscavige who was supposed to implement this)"


    Lois Reisdorf (Lowie)saysDecember 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm
    Wow Terri, this is powerful!! ……you are just putting it right out there! I will back up everything Terri says here. DM is running a complete deception and now the veil is being lifted. WAKE UP to those of you who are still buying into all of this. And really SHAME ON YOU for not opening your eyes. I know that many of the still ins are not so bloody stupid, but they just absolutely refuse to LOOK, or just bury their “knowingness” inside, hoping that the ship will right itself, it will not! A few of these “still-ins” have told me in the past that they “know” something is not right, and they don’t care what management is doing etc. etc…..but it’s the tech. They have to stay for the tech…….well the tech is not even what is used to be, it has been changed…..there are also no new OT levels, so what is the point……just LEAVE and if you are so attached to the tech, there are most probably WAY better auditors who are not even part of the church anymore, who are delivering LRH tech, not DM tech."
  17. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    The mosaic is probably entering its final laying stages.
    Hey Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other celebrities what are you going to do now? Blow or hide and be blown out of the water.
    2016 a great year for truth revealed and 2017 is going to be one hell of hopes fulfilled for critics.
    What a wondrous season it is indeed.
    Joy to the world!
  18. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Lois has made a very key point here:

    Yes, the trap they are in is in believing "the tech" of Scientology is their salvation . . . it is NOT! In fact, it is so infested with error and omissions that it in fact creates an addiction to abuse!!!

    Alan Walter reveals this in the "Abuse Tech" he developed as part of his Knowledgism materials. . . . and it is also part of the Knowledgism materials on ascension crash and burn phenomena . . . the guy gets a "high" that is mishandled by Scientology that causes the guy to have to maniacally continue on to try and recover the "ascension high" but which cannot be attained because Scientology tech on the point is incorrect, wrong and dangerous.

    Alan himself posted info on this issue here on ESMB.


  19. uncover

    uncover Gold Meritorious Patron

    Time to resurrect this thread with some additional infos:
    I already wrote that I am convinced that the mixer used for recording the POS was not a Neve console.

    So let's have a look again at the mixer shown at the cover of the POS:


    If anyone wants to get the viewpoint of El Con Hubbard (during recording POS) then here is the chance:


    Yes, that was the viewpoint of El Con Hubbard sitting behind the AM4A mixing console made by LANGEVIN which was used - together with the Studer B62 (more info here: - for recording the POS.

    Even the insane "uncommon" vertical jacks which can be seen on the album cover picture are typical for the Langevin AM4A:


    So this mystery is solved: POS was recorded on a Studer B62 tape machine together with a Langevin AM4A mixing console.

    Why El Con Hubbard choose such a console will remain a mystery - maybe because of the 4 built in "E-Meters", who knows.... ;)
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  20. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Since there are a lot of newbies registering on the board,
    why not bumping some of the most enlightening threads like Shooting the stars.

    A true ESMB piece of gem.

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