Tom Cruise Makes Unlikely Cameo in Nevada GOP Senate Race

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Tom Cruise's unlikely cameo in Nevada GOP Senate race

Fri Jun 4, 1:28 pm ET

There's a cast of usual suspects you expect to show up in political ads in the final days of a campaign: President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, maybe even George W. Bush. But Tom Cruise?

Ahead of Tuesday's Senate GOP primary in Nevada, the actor makes a cameo appearance in an ad from former state GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden attacking rival Sharron Angle for sponsoring legislation in 2002 supporting spa treatments for Nevada prison inmates — a plan, the ad alleges, hatched by the Church of Scientology. The camera lingers at one point on a makeshift shrine to Cruise, perhaps Scientology's best-known celebrity adherent. You can watch the spot here:

Angle, a tea party favorite who has suddenly taken the lead in polls, is a Southern Baptist, according to her campaign. As a member of the Nevada Assembly, she supported the Church of Scientology in its high-profile crusade against psychotropic drugs. Until recently, her website claimed she worked closely with actresses Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman — both well-known Scientologists — to pitch Sen. John Ensign on legislation that would block public school officials from insisting that kids take psychotropic drugs like anti-depressants. But the Las Vegas Sun's David McGrath Schwartz noted that Angle recently removed the mention of Preston and Elfman from her site.

As for the Lowden ad's depiction of the prison plan, it's slightly misleading. As writes, Angle's idea, which was never formally drafted as legislation, was strictly aimed at female prisoners.

— Holly Bailey is a senior political writer for Yahoo! News.
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I just watched that a little bit ago. All I could think of is how fast Mr. Fields will come knocking on the door. No, not That Fields! (TC legal beagle)



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You got me to look and read the whole article.

Saw the 1 sec blip of TC and the media does again, only explaining the whole deal at the end of the paragraph. :hattip:

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PLEASE remove and resize it before adding! Thanks! :)


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Sharron Angle

L.A. Times has an article today, Saturday, called, "'Tea Party' picks rattle GOP nerves.

It talks about how Angle's opponents are using her prisoner initiative to make her look like an idiot. It also says that if Angle wins the primary, champagne corks will be popping at Reid's office.

Does that mean he'll be thrilled to run against a Scientologist (shooting fish in a barrel) or that she's weak in other ways, I wonder.