Where is Kurt Weiland?


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Yesterday I read about Kurt Weiland.

I read that he is in the RPF.



Mike Rinder, bis vor wenigen Jahren Leiter von OSA Int., der mittlerweile geflohen ist, links neben ihm der Österreicher Kurt Weiland, der es vor ihm leitete, bevor er im Straflager RPF verschwand.

Short Translation:
Mike Rinder blew and Kurt Weiland is in the RPF.


Kurt Weiland is a native of Austria and an executive in the Church of Scientology International.[3] He is director of external affairs for the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs,[1] and Scientology's vice president of communications.[4] He is a member of the organization's board of directors,[5][6] and handles government, legal and public affairs for Scientology.[7] He has often represented Scientology to the press as a media spokesman.[8] Weiland works out of the Church of Scientology's offices in Los Angeles, California.[9][10]

Work for Church of Scientology

In 1984 Weiland was a member of the Church of Scientology's Religious Technology Center, and performed work for the organization in Santa Barbara, California.[11] Weiland was executive director of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs in 1994,[12][13] and was responsible for its international legal affairs and public relations.[14][15] In December 1994 he prevented Richard Leiby, a reporter for The Washington Post, from attending a luncheon at the National Press Club sponsored by the Church of Scientology International.[13][16] Weiland did not allow Leiby to enter the First Amendment Lounge, and told him: "You seem to make a living by writing falsehoods."[13] "We know that you used to work in Clearwater, and we know exactly what you wrote," Weiland said to Leiby.[13]

In an interview at the National Press Club in 1994, the St. Petersburg Times asked Weiland and Scientology President Heber Jentzsch about the Church of Scientology's practice of investigating reporters who write about Scientology.[15][16] "First of all, we don't do that. There's no institutional or organized campaign or effort or action ongoing to go after a reporter," said Weiland.[15] When asked about a discrepancy after Church of Scientology officials confirmed in 1998 that their attorneys had hired a firm to investigate a reporter for the Boston Herald, Weiland said: "It's not a personal thing. Every time a reporter steps out of his way to create damage to the church ... then, of course, it's gloves off."[15] He said that the Boston Herald reporter's articles were inaccurate, and the Church of Scientology decided to investigate the individual in order to determine what "vested interest" he was working for and what "sinister motive" he had.[15]

Weiland was the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs in 1995,[17] and served on the board of directors of the Church of Scientology International.[18][19] In 1996 he was director of the Office of Special Affairs,[20] and in 1997 Weiland managed external affairs for the Church of Scientology.[21][22]

On June 13, 2003, Weiland accompanied actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise and director of the Church of Scientology's Los Angeles Celebrity Centre, Tommy Davis, to meet with then-United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.[1][4][23] In the half-hour long private meeting, they raised concerns with Armitage about the treatment of Scientologists in Germany and other countries.[1][23]

In 2006, Weiland was listed on a "Senior Honor Roll" in Impact, the magazine of the International Association of Scientologists.[24]

Where is Kurt Weiland?:confused2:
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That's an OSA Int very posed photo. I recognise almost all of those people. Standing at the back Aky Heinrich and Roman Gieussauer; centre (apex!) Mike Rinder; on our left, front to back, Gigi Scudellari, Edith Buchele (?), Kurt Weiland; on our right, front to back, unknown, unknown (Tom Whittle?), aargh what's his name, Carl? Carol Martiniano should have been in there somewhere too. Maybe that's Edith on the right nearest the camera and Carol centre left.

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Mike Rinder spoke about Kurt Weiland.
3. In 2006 Golden Boy Russ Bellam president of CST arrived and only a handful who were aware of CST issues were allowed to speak to him, including Angie Blankenship, Kurt Weiland, and Mike Rinder. Russ acted like "king tough guy," putting about 20 CST staff in the RPF. Rathbun recalls in Feb 2004 Russ seemed like a nice guy. He asked, "can't we all just get along?"

Rinder explained that after other Scientology leaders were purged, Russ then became the last remaining threat to Miscavige and so had to be handled. CST legally could strip away RST's right to use Scientology trademarks and copyrighted material.

Russ came with remaining CST staff including 4-5 people from Mile High Inc near Lake Arrowhead in CA, 2 from New Mexico, and 2 from Tramontina (don't know what that is). He had Kurt Weiland sit in a chair with 2 people standing over him in an over-air conditioned room. Then he dripped water on Kurt's head for 30 minutes until he was soaked and became hypothermic. He also hit one of his own staff with a fly swatter repeatedly. After 15 min this caused welts. Victim was Tom (Warren?) or Bruce (Bolstead?).

"It was like Lord of the Flies."
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