James Patterson, John Sandford and Peter James on Scientology

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    James Patterson, John Sandford and Peter James on Scientology.

    Scientologists back in comm: The Great Divide


    The following excerpt is a bit of a teaser. The linked post is far broader and far more comprehensive than the relatively small point excerpted below. I recommend you read the post in its entirety.

    * * * * * BEING EXCERPT * * * * *

    Besides the movies, videos, books and blogs on the subject and the Church itself, fiction literature now has it appearing in the story-line of the books. This has happened in other media but I have included a couple of examples of fiction literature.

    James Patterson

    James Patterson is one of the most widely read authors of fiction in modern times. His books have sold more than 300 million copies world-wide in many languages.

    James Patterson with Emily Raymond wrote “First Love” for a younger audience. Here is a précis of a relevant part:

    Axi and Robinson, a girl and a guy around 16 years old, for reasons you discover in the book, are planning a road trip.

    ’”We’re leaving this dump behind and taking an epic road trip. Oregon to New York City– with stops along the way of course.” Axi announces this to Robinson, and tells him some of the reasons why he has to come along.

    “If you don’t come, who’s going to remind me to have a doughnut with my coffee?”

    “You know I have a terrible sense of direction. What if I get lost in LA and the Scientologists find me, and suddenly I believe in Xenu and aliens? What if I get drunk in Las Vegas and marry a stranger? Who’s going to poke me in the ribs when I start quoting Shakespeare? Who’s going to protect me from all that? You can’t let a sixteen-year-old girl go across the country by herself. That would be, like, morally irresponsible—“

    During the trip, they visit ER in a hospital. While waiting, Axi walks around and finds a chapel.

    “It was utterly unlike the rest of the sterile white hospital. The front wall was a deep red. There was a plain wooden altar with LED candles flickering alongside it. There was no statue of Jesus on the cross, though—no Mary or Ganesh or Buddha or L. Ron Hubbard, either, or whoever it was people prayed to around here. There was just that red—the red of valentines, of blood. Faint classical music came from invisible speakers.”

    Peter James

    From the book “Not Dead Yet”.

    [This includes reference to official Scientology and the Independents!]

    The main character in the novel, a detective, Roy Grace of Sussex CID, is married to Sandy Balkwill who disappears, not to be seen for some 10 years or so, in an earlier novel in this series.

    Suddenly, and a little mysteriously, she returns as Sandy Lohmann. Roy Grace is now with another woman, and, unbeknownst to him, his first wife Sandy, when she left, was pregnant. His new lady, is also pregnant. Drama was about to unfold! We discover where she has been all this time.

    “Sandy Lohmann was a woman who had cleared everything from her head; the husband who constantly let her down because he had to go to a crime scene; the father who let her down because he could never tell the truth about a damned thing in life; the mother who’d never had an opinion of her own.”

    “The Scientologists operated the Clear, under their universal banner, THE BRIDGE TO TOTAL FREEDOM. They had helped her to clear the past out of her mind, and look at the world through fresh eyes. And they helped her to look after the baby.”

    “It was while living in their headquarters near East Grinstead in Sussex that she had met Hans-Jurgen Waldinger. He had subsequently persuaded her to move with her infant son to Munich, where he introduced her to the organization he had helped to establish, called the International Association of FreeSpirits. The organization offered similar mental regeneration to the Scientologists, but in what she felt was less aggressive—and costly—process”.

    John Sandford

    From the book “Mad River”.

    John Sandford features a main character, Virgil Flowers, in some books and Lucas Davenport, in others, in the Minnesota area within the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Davenport is Virgil’s senior. ‘Mad River’ has Virgil as the lead character. The novels are a great read with rip-roaring intrigue.

    Whilst solving a tricky case, Virgil called his folks in Marshall (Lyon County Minnesota) and invited himself to dinner.

    “When Virgil arrived for dinner, there were three freshly painted chairs sitting in the mouth of his parents’ two-car garage. His father collected furniture from the congregation, repaired it, painted it, and passed it along to anyone who needed it, except the twenty or so people who populated the local Church of Scientology, which he loathed.”

    “If I go to hell, which would be very disappointing, I can tell you, after all my efforts, it’ll be because I really ……despise those people,” he said. He was in the mudroom, scrubbing his hands with ordorless mineral spirits.

    “I can’t find it in my heart to forgive them,” he said. “It’s the biggest con job in the history of the United States. It makes what’s-his-name look like a piker.”

    “Good old what’s-his-name was a jerk, that’s for sure,” Virgil said.

    “You know who I mean. That guy who stole all those billions of dollars. The Ponzi scheme.”


    “Yeah. Him. They make him look like a piker,”(*) his old man said.

    “That’s interesting”, Virgil said. “I don’t think I’ve heard the word ‘piker’ and ‘Madoff’ in the same sentence before.”

    “So now you have”, his father said.

    * (Piker: lazy person, shirker)

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    So good to see authors of that stature including stuff, especially as a fan of James Patterson and knowing he put that in his young audience books, which I have never read. :thumbsup:
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    I was already a long time James Patterson fan but this article got me hooked on John Sanford ( aka John Camp ) novels.
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    I was just reading this book last night and I came across this part. I wondered if John Sandford had a history with Scientology so Binged "John Sandford Scientology." And this post was the top result. :cool:
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    Continuing to look at Bing results for John Sandford, I found another quote in one of his books that I haven't read yet..."Buried Prey."

    “First she got Jesus, probably fifteen years ago, and that didn’t work out, so she tried Scientology, and that didn’t help, but it cost a lot of money, so she tried Buddhism and yoga, and those didn’t work, so she started drinking. I think that helped, because she’s still drinking.”