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Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by Clay Pigeon, Apr 26, 2018.

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  1. Clay Pigeon

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    A young woman was speaking of people carping; so and so carping to such and such, such and so carping on the deck, A, B and C carping in the hall. She had full uncoifed dark hair, fierce ice cube blue eyes, tall and buxom, slim waist and a pelvic arrangement classically reminiscent of a lyre.

    Normally Ron would remand the nattering breeze into session with an intern but as Mary Sue had just taken off with the kids on a jaunt he was in an expansive mood. He asked her to name six especially obnoxious carpers. She did and Ron sent a messenger to round them up.

    Less than ten minutes later a half dozen young men in immaculate mufti stood before The Founder's desk. Although three of them would, of course, be Declared within eighteen months just then they were, of course, the producers of the bulk of the ship's G.I. LRH's minions and admirers always flooded him with gifts at Xmas and he'd received dozens of wallets. He tossed most of them but he had a small treasure trove of fine fruit of haberdashery tucked in a desk drawer. He pulled out a handsome hand-tooled black leather billfold and tossed it to the fellow on the left saying "Pass this around, fill it up and pass it back to me." They pulled out tens and twenties and bunches of fives and ones. One of them fished out a pair of C-notes and a fifty and with no apparent hesitation inserted them.

    Ron brandished the fat overstuffed billfold as a conductor wielding a baton. "I am many things" he said. "I am an author and an engineer, a poet and a priest. I am a mariner and a musician, a pilot and a scientist. O, people carp about my flimsy academic career but Campbll's group talked all hell out of nuclear physics." He shrugged, "I suppose I'm something of a rogue and a madman; a damaged homeless veteran of a Great War but that fellow from Nazareth said 'the kingdom of heaven is within' and I am surely nothing if not an Interior Designer. My oeuvre in this great art is predicated on a First Principle; a stable datum, thus the signature feature of each of my designs is always carp to carp walleting."
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  2. Clay Pigeon

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    72 views and one lousy "LOL" and a flower.

    Now if Helluva Hoax had posted this he'd have gotten resplendent accolades
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  3. TomKat

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    I prefer to read things where it is easy to discern the point. Your writing seems more self-expression than communication. And kinda ... schizo?

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  4. pineapple

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    Hey CP, my LOL is not lousy. I don't give those things out easily. I don't believe I've EVER given out a heart, a rose, or a moneybag. The LOL is the highest accolade I have bestowed to date. You should treasure it and value it for the great thing it is. :thumbsup:
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  5. Clay Pigeon

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    Well I'd think the prima facie point is clear enough. The mercenary nature of Our Founder is caricatured. The more subtle point is that this is done with respect and affection for his many virtues and achievements (No. I don't think Ron was a musician. I think he was a wannabe musician. And as a wordsmith he wasn't much of a poet but he did often pony up much superb poetic imagery in his writing). I also credit him with a confessional self awareness which is obvious in his writing only to highly literate people of faith.

    And yes, I am a proud poet who takes delight in erudite and mellifluous use of vocabulary set in piquant rhythm and phrasing.




    I am in fact insane. I'm a soldier. It's part of my job description.
  6. FoTi

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    Maybe not.
  7. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Hey need to compare yourself to HH or anyone else.....

    Sounds like you need to feel better about yourself.....hope you can find a way to do that.

    Just consider the subject you were talking about.....LRH....

    I never thought LRH was very funny.....he was a blowhard and inconsiderate of the needs of his staff or his followers.....only selfishly thought of himself.

    I like Dianetics....Book I, just like you do, but, truth be told, LRH never gave credit to where he got "his tech" because he was a sneaky, thieving A Hole.

    I used to idolize LRH and think that he was the smartest being alive, but I no longer do after finding out truths about him and the things that he did to other people, that were not in their best interests, but only in his best interests financially. A lot of people did without so that LRH could get rich and be idolized by some. Not OK by me.
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  8. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    I never was numbered among Ron's sycophants myself.

    Nor among those who condemn him. I haven't led a sheltered life and I am painfully well cognizant of my flaws and shortcomings and thus I am tolerant his most especially because I grasp the monumental challenge of doing what he did.


    If you don't like the way he did things then...


    Sit around bitching about LRH


    Something yourself.

    It is fine, in fact it is IMPERATIVE that we examine the man his life and his work precisely because it is INCONTESTABLY a profound seminal body of work...

    Currently in the hands of rotten government officials who are using Roman Catholic sockpuppets to wreck CoS.
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  9. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    And where I ask is there intelligent examination of the man and his work?

    Why is it almost entirely divided into the "Mankind's Greatest Friend" party line/whitewash of CoS and the "El Con" condemnation?


    It does appear this Tweedledee Tweedledum pairing is being fairly effective in suffocating the virtues of Hubbard's Magnum Opus.

    Of course he certainly left himself vulnerable saying "...I know what I've been doing for the last 80 trillion years..." and telling we need to address the effects of gorilla goal implants on the planet Helatrobus four quadrillion years in the past
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  10. I told you I was trouble

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