Scientology’s astounding pre-history in a new book you really need to read

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    Scientology’s astounding pre-history in a new book you really need to read

    In June, we were very fortunate to have author Alec Nevala-Lee with us in Chicago for our annual small gathering, HowdyCon. He was there so we could get to know him ahead of the publication of his exciting new book, Astounding: John W. Campbell, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and [...]


    In June, we were very[.......]

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    Dawn of Dianetics: L. Ron Hubbard, John W. Campbell, and the Origins of Scientology
    Read an excerpt adapted from Alec Nevala-Lee’s book, Astounding.

    This excerpt is a good example of LRH trying to con mental health professionals and Heinlein into thinking he was actually doing something worthwhile and had psychiatrists who were his "passionate pals" who would kill him because his mental health treatment was so good it would put them out of business. It's sad but many people will believe and admire this kind of blatant bullshit:

    "Years later, Hubbard would incorporate many of these ideas into the teachings of the Church of Scientology, but his first inclination was to pitch the scientific community. On April 13, 1949, he wrote to the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Gerontological Society in Baltimore, saying that he had treated twenty patients until they could remember events from before birth. He claimed to be working for free with criminals, orphans, and a boy who was failing his classes, and he told the writer Robert A. Heinlein—another important member of Campbell’s circle—that if he ever started charging for his services, “the local psychiatrists, now my passionate pals, would leave me dead in some back alley.”"

    much more:
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    Twas quite the fart smeller and crappy bank teller.
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    I just finished reading the book - it was a great read. I'm thinking of reading Dianetics again. I found Scientology by reading Dianetics - no contact with the Church. When I went to the local org I explained that I found many things in the book that didn't make sense. That was no problem for the staff member I spoke to. Now I'd like to read it again (in light of the information in Astounding) to see what it was that I found attractive about it.
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    I dunno Mr. T, I slogged through DMSMH once and about half a dozen attempts at a second reading just bogged down in the hype

    SOS is worth a second reading. I haven't cracked one open in the past few years but I've owned several and given it much study most especially when I was sequestered in an attic for seven months in 1981

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