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Bob Browning, Leslie Browning, HGB 80's through...?


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Hi there!

Bob and Leslie were friends of mine in the 70's at the Portland Org. Bob was the FR there. They got married, Leslie joined the SO, and they both went to PAC at, I think, about the same time I came to PAC, in the late 70's.

After that, being that they were middle management and I was in service orgs, we did not talk much! After I left the SO, I got a very kind phone call from Leslie and that was about it.

Recently I have re-connected with a lot of old time Portland Staff, and they are all wondering how they are doing and hoping for the best. Any of you have any news? I remember Leslie to be OSA and Bob to be in the FR network. Hey, maybe Leslie is reading this! Hi!!!!


Dan Locke


I, too, would be interested in the current status of the Brownings. Leslie was my sister-in-law as I was married to her sister, Becky for 30 years. Becky passed in 2010.
They have a daughter, Jamie.

Leslie was (is?) a sweetheart but disconnected from her sister and me in about 1984 after we left $cn. Thank you LRH.


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So nice to be reminded of Jaimie! A beautiful girl with just a wonderful mix of both of her parents handsome features. Bob and Leslie were by nature very easy going people. I did not know Jaimie but it was easy to see that she had a similar temperament. Both of these people tended to be calming influences in stressful situations. "Donkey OT", I wish you well and sorry for your loss.