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David Miscavige's abuses and violence


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The Cult that solicits "Prostitution" to attack ex member
After this criminal cartel *Killed* my son by cutting off his mom and his dad, so he died with no money for medical to get a proper diagnosis, The Criminal cult of Scientology took out a Twitter account and sent out tweets ccing me, impersonating me for prostitution.
Twitter deleted the tweets and shut it all down but I screen grabbed some of them.
Sample below.
After 40 years of contribution, they *suddenly* found me to be a whore.
2 new videos coming soon.
#1 Scientology Inc soliciting prostitution for me
#2 OT VIII, what it is , what it does and why you pay $1 million for this.

You name me a cherch or CULT that tweets for prostitution in an attack on ex-member.
David Miscavige fingerprint all over it.



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The Cult that solicits "Prostitution" to attack ex member
After this criminal cartel *Killed* my son by cutting off his mom and his dad, so he died with no money for medical to get a proper diagnosis, The Criminal cult of Scientology took out a Twitter account and sent out tweets ccing me, impersonating me for prostitution.
Twitter deleted the tweets and shut it all down but I screen grabbed some of them.
Sample below.
After 40 years of contribution, they *suddenly* found me to be a whore.
2 new videos coming soon.
#1 Scientology Inc soliciting prostitution for me
#2 OT VIII, what it is , what it does and why you pay $1 million for this.

You name me a cherch or CULT that tweets for prostitution in an attack on ex-member.
David Miscavige fingerprint all over it.


Looks like DM came up with this one while beating his staff.


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Hubbard named his 2nd wife Sara Northrup a prostitute and Tony Ortega covered this in his book on Paulette Cooper Noble
Furthermore, Paulette Cooper Noble had to suffer all her neighbors in Manhattan being given leaflets saying she was a part time prostitute. The cult also accused Paulette of raping a 2 year old. A 2 year old !!!!!
Image : Hubbard's 2nd wife "the prostitute" and his baby with her.
Image : Sara Northrup, Hubbard's 2nd wife and mother of Alexis.

Hubbard reportedly said Sara, was a prostitute even to officials.
Hubbard also called Sara a Russian Spy.
By some weird fluke the CULT and OSA also called me a Russian Spy in one of their hate pages !!!
The OSA hate page on me said I was a Russian *honey pot* one who gave sex for Intelligence to Russia !!!


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I think it is rare that a Judge reverses himself.
Judge Michael Johnson initially said both me and my opponent in a Law suit were not credible.
He completely reversed himself in the last hearing a few short days ago.
He said I WAS credible, that he believed me and believed that I was sincere and telling the truth in a dispute on a usurious 14.5 interest rate on a Trust Deed. Meanwhile the CULT of Scientology, who do not like that I am exposing their protection of pedophiles and molestation is using incorrect information in this trial to slime me.
I will present this to the Judge in writing today.
My son Alexander Jentzsch was having sexual intercourse with a 40 year old. Did the Cult report to Clearwater PD ? Of course not, their buried it.
Alexander Jentzsch my only child died at 27 at the hands of the Cult because of their Toxic policy of disconnection.
The Church's efforts to malign me stem from their dark and evil that I continue to expose.

In the meantime I am asking all mothers of the world that have had their son ripped off by a cult or had another experience with the cult of Scientology to fill in this form ~~ it takes a couple of minutes only


Please report any experience with the Cult of Scientology

I am asking all people to report the SCAM of Scientology Inc here ~~


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Today is the eve of Valentine's day.
Happy Valentine's Day Everybody !
I am re-posting this story because of so very many new members here at ESMB since last posted.

In the Mid 1990s, wallowing in the Glory of Tax Exemption, David Miscavige felt he was invulnerable, the sadism, house arrests, kidnaps, held against escalated.
I am telling the story of Valentine's Day Massacre on the eve of Valentine's
Steve Hall (ID “Thoughtful” )wrote this Foreward:

In 1995 we were briefed at Int on a major security breach that had taken place at Incomm. Down in LA weeks later I saw a hunted pale platoon of Incomm crew being marched from a backlines corridor into a doorway. Back up at Int, David Miscavige bragged at a briefing to Int base staff that he was going to catch the spy and that the staff were undergoing an RTC ethics program that Miscavige was personally directing. As a note to these and any other ex-SO who were coerced to sign contracts for non-disclosure to enforce silence, you can determine the validity of all such documents with a simple test: were you provided with a copy of the contract or agreement? If not, then the "contract" is NOT binding and has NO legal force on you whatsoever. So let the power of truth ring out. ~ Thoughtful

This is probably the worst incident that occurred in the history of the Church OUTSIDE of infamous INT BASE.

It is the worst incident of kidnap, held against will, breaking laws of the land and it happened on Valentine's Day 1995.
It lasted 4 months and was perpetrated by RTC and COB breaking many laws of the land.

For 4 months, INCOMM staff members were under complete lock down, unable to see their spouses or children marched only to their berthing to sleep by security Guards.

A Mission arrived "to get ethics in" on the alleged criminal "out ethics scum" that were INCOMM SO members. Liz Ingber and Suzanne Bolstad were head honchos.

"INCOMM" definition: The organization of SO members that manage everything to do with Church computers; short for "in communication."

Liz Ingber -- this woman is the "Cold Chrome Steel" as described in previous article. She is detached, emotionless, cruel, unable to feel but happy to mete out cruelty I have known her personally for more than 3 decades and I will state she is an unconscionable evil witch.

Liz Ingber orders INCOMM staff into 2 lines, all males in one line, all females in another line. Circling in between the lines were a bunch of INT Missionaires with lanyards and the fruit salad of colored insignia. They carried batons similar to the German swagger sticks.
These are Batons giving a symbol of authority (and ability to strike or beat ~~ British cops carry batons)

Every single SO member is handed a manila envelope, told to write their name on it and empty their pockets and if wearing pagers, it went into the envelope. The SO member then had to spread their legs and spread out their arms while a metal detecting wand was frisked over the body from head to toe. This kept on going for a while. A new person would enter the room. They were ordered to empty their pockets, spread eagle for metal detection and go stand in male or female line. There was an uncomfortable silence and sense of heavy ethics.

Liz Ingber called the room to "ATTENTION!" in a toneless disassociated unemotional cold voice spat out "You are all assigned a condition of Confusion. You are all suppressive with hidden crimes of magnitude for allowing an SP to infiltrate INCOMM. Your daily massive crimes have blinded your perception which is the only REASON you did not detect the infiltrator. You obviously do not care in an SP destroys the Church. You are hereby under House Arrest. You will not leave the base, you will not leave INCOMM, you will not talk to your family, you are under total lock down. Your crimes permitted your minds to be so blinded to this enormous threat that could have taken down Scientology in totality~~ man's only help and only solution."
Happy Valentine's Day!
The Sound of Silence in the room was deafening. There is a certain kind of mental mass that builds up in a group when they are being maligned, threatened and their immediate future is taken away in a lock down. The group's awareness level drops to the bands of Catastrophe and Disaster. There was a frozen numbness.

There were no KRs. No data of WHO this infiltrator SP was. There was no Court of Ethics, no Comm Evs being called, there was no consideration of whether anyone was upstat or downstat, everyone was to do conditions and write up their overts and withholds. This then started a massive and endless cycle of sec checks, rejected conditions, re-done conditions, write ups of every "CRIME" these dedicated, billion year contract SO members were committing.

A young guy from Denmark approached Liz Ingber. He explained to Liz Ingber that he had a big overt he had given up in his Sec Check and felt he should route out as he was not up to SO standards. Liz Ingber, did not ask what he gave up in the sec check, she did not ask him to work through a condition on it, but instead told him he would be instantly declared suppressive and could go join the walking dead. She tells him he would never *EVER* in ANY LIFETIME, *EVER* GO OT. She is detached as cold chrome steel.

The next day Liz Ingber berates an INCOMM staff member for masturbating she does it publicly to humiliate him. This is 1995, a decade before the infamous INT SP Hole, and pc folder withold of masturbation is read out to the entire crew to mock and humiliate the SO member.

Suzanne Bolstad now starts a vitriolic attack on the shell shocked numb SO Members. "I see most of you are not OT III. This is plain evidence of the criminal out ethics of the group. Good up stat SO members go OT, only the criminal downstats would withold themselves from case gain and Bridge. You all have serious crimes and as criminals you are subconsciously witholding yourself from becoming more able !' There was no mention that there were no auditors, or staff enhancement personnel within INCOMM to get them up the Bridge.

Days turned into weeks, turned into months. Over and over and over the word CRIMINAL is given as an ITEM to SO members who had nothing to do with any breach of security. It was sec checking, O/W writing, and conditions. NO contact with family, complete and under isolation from the rest of humanity. They were herded by security to berthing which was isolated from rest of crew and herded back to INCOMM. In order to do Amends over the above a group member, many lost sleep doing heavy deck cycles ~~ hours and hours of manually moving back up tapes from storage in Burbank. Another amends was destroying 14" cartridges that stored data files. The reflective backing had to be obliterated, hard drives had to have the magnetic media sanded off. Sleep, amends, sec checks, O/Ws with a complete cut off from family and the outside world.

When you have to figure-figure on your crimes day in and day out, hour after hour, week and after week, it is damaging spiritually. It is Black Dianetics. It is Reverse Scientology. It is a David Miscavige perversion of the tech. Even psychiatrists are not that cruel. This demand for crimes 8 hours a day for months is not only unhealthy, it introverts the person into depths of case they may not be able to extrovert from.

Normally, one of the steps of Liability is to get permission of the majority of the group to complete the step. As a complete arbitrary, the Mission announced that every INCOMM liability formula had to get the approval of ALL the Missionaires, (a bunch of them), all RTC involved. and ALL INCOMM who had been upgraded. This was tough. Rejects by RTC were common. No typewriters existed and because INCOMM staff were such a bunch of "untrustworthy criminals" every single formula had to be hand written with carbon copies to make duplicates, and so it dragged out. Time was endless. Work, study, ethics conditions and amends were in the same room for these 4 months. Sleeping was under guard. Walking to the Shower was under guard by escort. There was no other life. There was no free hour or free minute. Every hour of every day was controlled and taken over with dire threats of suppressive person declares which would result in complete disconnection from family.

Finally after 4 months of complete lock down and captivity INCOMM staff were threatened once again to not reveal ANYTHING that happened under further dire threats of declare and doom forever and forever disconnection from family and friends. It was not to come up in any future session! In other words the orders were to withold the lock down from here on out. Some were taken to sign documents swearing secrecy on video camera and reminded what would happen to them if they ever spoke of this lock down EVER.

Now the purge finally started. From approx 60 Incomm staff, it was down to 10. Many were further punished by being sent to PAC estates from whence they blew. Some simply blew after the 4 month incarceration. This TERROR side of Scientology was beyond what many could stomach. Not everybody has a threshold of tolerance for such abuse ~~ 4 months of interrrogating for CRIMES. These fine SO members who had passed high HCO qualifications to get clearance to be in INCOMM were IMPLANTED to think they were the criminals of all time. The last 10 SO Members instead of going back on post were ordered by Miscavige to be RPF'd after surviving the 4 month brutality. Not a single charge or specific. They were handled as BLOB. The BLOB had no individuality. The BLOB was responsible for the out security. Almost all of those remaining 10 fled. (blew)

One of the worst tactics of Church of Miscavology is treating the crew like a BLOB. Everyone is penalized for one person's conduct.

This is remarkable given that there are many references to the fact that A does not equal B, does not equal C.

In fact A=A=A is a known reactive mind flaw.

Not with Miscavige's implementation of ETHICS. It somebody BLOWS, severe punishment and abuse is inflicted on those around, as the conclusion is that "bad indicators" were missed, by those around. The reason they missed these indicators were they had there own crimes and overts hence making them unable to perceive the indicators around them. I have known of SO members sent the RPF for YEARS due to someone ELSE blowing.

Meting out the exceptional cruelty in the SP HALL where everyone was treated like one mad mob with no one able to get up the conditions is an example of squirrel Miscavige ethics. THE BLOB treatment. There are no upstats, there are no producers, there is no ethics change acknowledged, the blob is to remain a continuous BLOB.

The Sea Org has a knack of recruiting good people. Extremely good personnel. Bright minds. Spiritually aware. Recognition of the Legacy of the tech. Wanting to help others, wanting to be of service. But the SO cannot maintain good people. It just does not happen. It is a revolving door and many flee to get out of the Church of Miscavology. They flee from the abuse. They flee from the brutality. They flee from the Insanity.

These 60 SO members were not just removed from post, they were abused 24/7 for 120 days breaking many FEDERAL Laws of lock down and enforced kidnap against their will with unconscionable threats.

Dan Garvin is acknowledged for having the guts to post this dark episode SO history on the Internet in 2003 on Operation Clambake. I am now in touch with blown INCOMM staff who endured this ..still decompressing ! More about the terror imposed on good staff will surface in due course. It was Dan who called it "Valentine's Day Massacre" and the name was just too apt to try renaming it. Dan was another computer whiz wasted by the Church. He left soon after this incident as well.

This dark episode needs to be on record in Scientology-cult.com because it shows Scientology Management via David Miscavige executed his total authority over the lives of SO members even at PAC base, and in the first years since 1995 when this occurred, the brutalities intensified but the odor and fingerprints are un-mistakeable.

~~~to be continued.






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Mat Pesch, long term Ex Sea Org member wrote this on Mike Rinder's blog the other day.
I am cross posting it because I believe it is a significant post.
This is amplifying and broadening the hunting down of escapees like prey by Sea Org Members impersonating Federal Marshalls.

"I don’t know that people fully got the significance of Jackson’s statement that as the Security Chief at the international base he over saw the hunting down of 200 – 300 escapees. One has to understand how desperate a person needs to be to attempt an escape from that base. First, the person is leaving behind their friends and many times their spouse and even immediate family members. They are leaving the religion they have been totally dedicated to. They are out on the desert, in a guarded compound with microphones, cameras, motion detectors, dogs, lights, fences with razor wire, etc. Every person is accounted for officially at least 3 times day. Everyone else in the compound will report them immediately if they do anything unusual that could indicate a potential escape attempt.
The person attempting the escape (except in very unusual circumstances) will not own a vehicle, cell phone, credit card, bank account, etc and will have little to no money. If they are not a U.S. citizen they will have to flee without their passport because it is held under lock and key by the “church”. If they do make it out of the compound they know they will be chased down like an escaped convict by both staff members as well as hired professionals. The amount of effort that will be invested to recapture the escaped staff member can not be overstated. If the person can some how over come all of that they need to start life again from nothing. The few hundred staff members at the international base are the “cream of the crop”. The most qualified, trained, dedicated Scientologists. What kind of a hell must the base be to make 200 -300 staff members go through the above? Obviously they can not just “route out” or request to leave.
These people are held against their will and are willing to literally risk their lives to escape. WAKE UP FBI and IRS. This has been happening for years just 45 miles outside Los Angeles!!!!! Wake up Scientologists who support this with their labor and money."

End of Quote.


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I asked Mat Pesch's permission to cross post Part 2 of this which he posted on Facebook Group "Outer Banks"
Mat Pesch As a further note, those that are brought back are almost always sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) for a period of 2 to 10 years. This experience will break the will of most people of having the idea of trying to escape again. Its similar to a POW work camp. The person is completely cut off from not only the rest of the world but also other Sea Org members including their own spouse, children, parents, etc. There is no visiting time. They live in a separate living space. They can not originate communication even to other Sea Org members. They must run everywhere they go. No TV, radio, books, magazines, phones, computers, newspapers, etc. They do dirty manual work. They have zero personal time. They are watched and accounted for 24/7. They get little to no "pay". It is supposed to be 1/4 of what ever the regular Sea Org staff got paid that week, if they were paid at all. I personally experienced ZERO pay for a whole year when I was in the RPF in Los Angeles in the mid 80's.

Believe it or not there is even an RPF's RPF. Its the hell you get sent to when the regular hell doesn't seem to be getting the results. I've done 30 days straight of that loveliness. When I was in the Clearwater RPF in 2005 there were about 70 of us in that RPF. The average person had been there for 7 years straight. For many it was not their first sentence to an RPF. We slept in a building that had a specific guard assigned to it while we slept. The building was inside a fenced compound that had a separate roving guard and another guard that monitored the cameras. If you tried to climb the fence it would set off an alarm and turn on bright lights. If you managed to get outside the compound you would be hunted down like an escaped convict. While in the RPF you are supposed to do Scientology courses and counseling 5 hours a day to get REHABILITATED. RPFers are supposed to only wear black boiler suits although for PR reasons that has been modified to be dark jeans and a dark T-shirt. Staff fear of being sent to the RPF is definitely a control mechanism. The hard work and lack of sleep (understatement) is hard to deal with physically but the mental aspect is far more difficult for most people.



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This is such an enlightening thread about the unprecedented thetaness of COB....

When reality goes beyond fiction....


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Scientology inc, or, as I call it "Taliban Scientology" is first and foremost a money extortion racket, stockpiling $$$ without paying their fair share of taxes and using exorbitant sums of money for lawyers and Private Investigators (PIs)to attack, slur, slime and discredit anyone who speaks out about their sordid nature.
Quote from Tony Ortega's Bunker:
In 2010, when Cierra was working full time to watch Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran for Scientology, she estimates that the operation in the Clearwater area alone used five rental homes, a dozen rental cars, and five full-time investigators at any one time. At the same time, similar operations were working in Colorado and Texas and Los Angeles.
End of Quote.
5 full time Private Investigators (normally $75 an hour, 8 hours a day) in 4 cities in the US..... Unlimited budget to Fair Game, harass, wager vengeance.
I think it is important that Scientology cult criminality is exposed over and over again.
This is not a cult that is MILDLY criminal. It is wildly criminal.
One of their tactics is to get a litigant to fire their own lawyer and take cash from them.
They have done this numerous times.
In the 1970s the cult put Merrell Vannier in the Mayor's (of Clearwater) office. He was pretending to be the lawyer for the Mayor while feeding all the privileged information he got to the Guardian's office while on the payroll of the Mayor. The Florida Bar found this conduct so egregious that Vannier was barred from practicing law ever again. This kind of spying/infiltration breaking all moral codes did not stop in the 1970s.
An example is Ford Greene (AFTERMATH participant) in the 1980s who was fired by Vicki Aznaran leaving her without legal representation as the cult moved forward with ANOTHER law suit and her settlement was really dirty.
In more recent times we all saw Rathbun fire his lawyer Ray Jeffrey..
Back in the day of the tragic death of Lisa Mcpherson, Jeffrey Goodis, (Joan Wood's lawyer) pretended he was working for the coroner Joan Woods attorney was actually working with David Miscavige. Even representing Miscavige's interests to on how to convince the Coroner Joan Wood to rule on the death of Lisa Mcpherson. Miscavige pampers him with $2000 cuff links, Super Bowl tickets and a John Travolta meeting !
He got Joan Woods to reverse her Coroner's finding. With high bribery from the cult
In February 2000, more than four years after the autopsy in the McPherson case, Dr. Wood, while insisting that she had not broken under pressure from the Church of Scientology, changed the McPherson manner of death to accidental. Her decision outraged the county prosecutor and the police agencies involved in the case. As far as the prosecutor was concerned Dr. Wood had folded under pressure. Some of the journalists following the case speculated that pressure and stress had caused the forensic pathologist to come emotionally unglued. Whether she had been bullied into her reversal or not, her new manner of death ruling destroyed her relationship with the local law enforcement community. The prosecutor had no choice but to drop the case against the Church of Scientology. Dr. Wood resigned her position in September 2000.
#1 Jim Goodis, Miscavige Buddy who got coroner to overturn decision on Lisa Mcpherson.
#2 Merrell Vannier of "Save Scientology.com" disbarred and disgraced lawyer takes on the cult to "save Scientology"
#3 Vicki Aznaran
# Vicki's Lawyer,. Ford Greene





David Miscavige had just declared her Clear.

I've often wondered if he hadn't been directly involved if the outcome would've been different.


David Miscavige had just declared her Clear.

I've often wondered if he hadn't been directly involved if the outcome would've been different.
And I've often wondered WHY she went off the deep end right after an L. Was she given an Introspection Rundown too while she was incoherent, thereby exacerbating things? Maybe Miscavige declared her Clear as an 'officer' loyal to the Sea Org's purpose, and it sent her into a black hole. He surely believes such things, as does TC, who's been saluted with appreciation. She was heard during soliloquy babbling about track issues or overts at the onset of her insanity. Wrong items can completely de-stabilize. She flew the coop long before her frail, exhausted body gave up.

They should've left that case alone.
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Let's be totally honest and blunt.

The only reason that David Miscavige isn't in jail for the actual crimes that he has committed is because the Snr Int Management Ex-Scientologist that have knowledge of said crimes have similar crimes and therefore will never testify in court or even on this message board. These individuals still knowingly and re-actively are covering up these crimes.

There are no statute of limitations for these crimes in the US.

Quit pretending. Quit providing cover for these criminals. Connect the dots. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about.

Quit winning about being punched in the face. Let's talk about murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, etc.


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David Miscavige needs to step down and be prosecuted. The Church of Scientology and everyone of it's corporate shells (shills) need to be put in receivership.


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MacKenzie, what Miscavige does and has done is little different from what many "successful" corporations and "democracies" around this planet have done and will continue to do. It's the nature of the system we live in.

Yes, it would be nice if the Drunken Maggot got subjected to real justice but all the attempts so far have been defeated by money poured into Legal. Until that is addressed, nothing will change.

I've been close to most of the attempts to unravel the cult here in Oz and its "wins" have been due to what money can buy. "Our" wins have been in smashing the brand by somehow getting the truth out there into the public area.

$cientology would be a lot stronger right now if it hadn't met the Interwebs in the form of Anonymous. Oh yes it would still have dwindling numbers and "bad PR" but its autocratic pyramidal command structure and its ability to coerce all three branches of democratic government as well as its single-minded destruction of critics would have seen it still able to "cloak" a lot of its crimes if it hadn't met Anonymous. The antithesis of everything that $cientology represents.

The anarchic, democratic, horizontal structure of Anonymous is something that vertically structured organisations like the cult just cannot cope with. It's the Old World Order being casually trodden into the cowpoo by the New.

IMO, until we have a complete paradigm shift in the fundamental philosophy of our planet, we will continue to see cults survive, criminal executives escape jail time and endless arguments about politicians and money while our planet disintergrates around us.

I've said this before - $cientology is a microcosm example of the worst of our current society. But it's power is rooted in the fundamentals of how this society exists.

And until that is changed, we can argue all we like but people like Herr DwarfenFuhrer will continue to use the system to their advantage. And will continue to prey on the vulnerable.


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I agree with your observation:

"I've said this before - $cientology is a microcosm example of the worst of our current society. But it's power is rooted in the fundamentals of how this society exists." Scooter
I am not a fatalist though. I think that an individual person can make a difference in the over all condition of the world. I have never found some one who describes how, better than Scooter Rockets: