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David Miscavige's abuses and violence

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Bumping this enlightening thread!
Good bump Lotus. Just a thought here; I had a headmaster at high school who said, when a flu epidemic which was sweeping the school at the time managed to leave one of my class's most persistent troublemakers unscathed; "Justice is not done, is it?"

On the subject of David Miscavige; I think probably most of us here would like to see justice done, but as others have said it may not happen. It's possible that he has a talent for staying one step ahead of the agencies that want to see him brought to justice, and that this will continue.

So, how attached are we all to what may or may not happen?

I think of Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda in the 1970s who lived out his last twenty-odd years in comfort despite having brought bloody tragedy, mass murder and economic ruin to his country (estimates of his total death count are generally agreed to have been in the hundreds of thousands). That wasn't just either. And yet, he's dead now and the world moves on.



Is it true that spiritual freedom (or even mental health) depends on being able to let go of concepts of fairness and justice, and accept that sometimes justice just doesn't happen, on this world or plane of existence at any rate?
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