Has anyone else been contacted by this media group about an expose they want to do?

David C Gibbons

Ex-Scientology Peon

I got this:

"I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I came across your info online and jumped at the chance to connect. Sirens Media is producing a groundbreaking new show for the A & E Network which will follow families and individuals who are trying to reconnect with their loved ones who have become involved in a group which they believe to be harmful to their well being. We will take a documentary style approach, one that will allow us to educate the public about these groups and in the process also help people. Also we will provide access to all of the vast resources at A&E's disposal, such as private investigation services, attorneys, therapy or counseling, and even intervention, if appropriate.

In addition, we are interested in speaking with "survivors" -- meaning former members who have been impacted by these groups and are willing to share their story.

Sirens has earned an excellent reputation for producing quality documentary and non-fiction programs with integrity.


This really is a an amazing life altering experience for the right people and we are looking to connect to these people through people like yourself... We are hoping to help as many broken families as we can but are having a hard time getting the info into the hands of the people who could use it the most. This is where you come in hopefully...

I look forward to speaking with you, I can be reached at the number below."

Has anyone else hear of this group? The stuff they have produced has been sensationalistic by and large, IMO.

I look forward to your thoughts.