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Hello and thanks

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by George, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I don'y think it essentially evil. I think what is done with it is pretty rotten.

    But perhaps, in and of itself it is essentially evil. I didn't engage it entirely on it's own terms. I maintained my personal integrity as a Christian
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  2. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

  3. George2

    George2 Patron

    well, I think disconnection is evil. But maybe not everything in it is evil, but the underlying purpose seems to be to control people rather than to free people. Of course I could be wrong!
  4. George2

    George2 Patron

    so great to see all those people speaking out! Some day I hope to join them. But not now, still trying (hoping) family will see the light.
  5. Karakorum

    Karakorum supressively reasonable

    Hello, feel free to jump into the discussions. :welcome:
  6. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Disconnection is not essentially evil in and of itself. One of the five rights guaranteed by The First Amendment is freedom of association and it is implicit this means freedom of disassociation. And disconnection is a principle of law; a convicted defendant is often given a suspended sentence and/or probation with the condition that they no longer associate with (for instance) the Crips.

    But what happens with disconnection in Co$ is commonly rotten and yes, it is nearly undeniable Co$ uses the threat of disconnection to control people. And if you check the COHE a document who brilliance is of the same order as the The Book of Proverbs, The Constitution of the United States of America or Mad Magazine, you find such conduct to be below 2.0...
  7. Karakorum

    Karakorum supressively reasonable

    You know, that's a great comparison between Co$ and say the Catholic Church.

    When you leave scientology, your family is told they can't talk to you or they will get kicked out, and then you still get threats and people trying to rob you with a freeloader bill etc.

    Now if you leave the Catholich church, the church's response is: "Oh it sucks to have lost you. But we absolutely will tell your family to keep in touch with you. We want you to be a part of your kids lives, even if you aren't cool with us anytmore. Oh and if your wife would try to divorce you - well it is a major sin and we will tell her not to do it".

    Speaks volumes about which church actually cares about families and children.
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  8. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron


    The mother of our sons and the old boyfriend she married met in parochial high school. I've been blockaded from my sons since 1980 and one of my attempts to break the blockade was an appeal to the RCC which was ended by a sneering priest saying "We know she has children. We don't know you have any"

    I am successful in restraining myself from murder but it isn't easy.
  9. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    you amaze me with your constant rhetoric, and still appeal to Hubbard's writings such as COHE, or creation of human ability.

    Well, dude, that book did not create human abilities.

    here's the book, rhetoric with no proof:
  10. Karakorum

    Karakorum supressively reasonable

    That really sucks, my condolences.

    I don't want to speak for the catholic church, that's not my thing. Still it is really odd, because the catholic church (I'm in a 90%+ catholic country now) always tells its members to remain in a marriage, even if they are married to a non-catholic. Sometimes they even go to absurd extremes like suggesting people stay married even in case of physical abuse or heavy drugs involved.
  11. George2

    George2 Patron

    well that's true that "disconnection" doesn't have to be evil, sometimes it might be necessary, say getting away from a violent abusive person. That of course would be not the norm. What I really don't like how Hubbard wrote about how to attack someone who disagrees with the church! He said, attack in anyway possible and to destroy their reputations etc. Sorry I don't have the exact quote, but I've read it. That is pretty horrible if not evil. How can a supposed advanced being promote that? No Dalai Lama is he!
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  12. George2

    George2 Patron

    plenty of things to criticize the catholic church, but not disconnection!
  13. George2

    George2 Patron

    sorry you are suffering from this disconnection, it's awful!
  14. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hubbard said attack those who attack the church not those who disagree and he quite pointedly said not all critics were enemies...

    But his instructions on attack were at the least irresponsible and CoS often attacks w/o due cause.
  15. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    here we go again with your rhetoric and play on words, just like the Hubbard.

    Any criticism against the so call ed scientology and dianetics is considered an attack by Hubbard. Some where along the way, Hubbard got people to believe it's a religion and get them to forward that,

    useful idiots, you are.
  16. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Don't recall exactly where to find it Gib but Hubbard wrote somewhere words to the effect that not all critics were enemies
  17. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Ou etes-vous?

    La belle France peutetre?
  18. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    no I'm afraid you are wrong.
  19. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Again Birdie,

    You change what LRH wrote as policies, did to people who disagree with him or where more charismatic than he was ...

    Again, an attempt to deny his abuses and cruelty

    [​IMG] .

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  20. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!


    L Ron Hubbard Had no mercy, was a hateful paranoid, per his own words, policies, and actions.

    You may be among those people he had such discontempt and considered they didn't disserve any right.

    Sorry, but he wouldn't even pay attention to you and would consider you helping the homelesses as a criminal conduct in rewarding downstat degraded beings.

    Sorry but this is the ugly LRH philosophy...there wasn't, is not and will never be fairy tales in $cientology known reality....
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