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Is Scientology Satanic?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Veda, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Okay, I thought you might be asking if any of that really matters, but I wasn't sure.:carryon:
  2. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Docs? Oh geez.:oops: I've not been lucky at finding anything I was googling for the last couple of days. Everything seems to have been removed when I open links. (Yours are good though ;))

    In the History of Man, the graphs showed theta supposedly splitting down thru the timeline. I remember that. I also seem to have had that idea implanted in me since reading 8-8008.

    The debated Fishman doc is on ESMB. I can't find it without stopping and looking up OT VIII here. Definitely couldn't find it online when I went to post something last night. I also could no longer find David Mayo's bulletin on SOLO NOTs from 1978 that I was trying to reference. Didn't find what I used to be able to on the Wiseoldgoat site even.

    The term Kabbalah is in the OT VIII doc, and the idea that thru procreation, some 'implant' is progressively contaminating. I got a peek at the processes on OT VIII several yrs ago, and the questions were getting one to look at who was senior to whom, who postulated goals for you, others, who you wanted to be like....It might be my own personal filter placing what I read in the category of theta lines or theta bodies dividing. No, wait. This subject was distinctly on one Student Hat tape on bodies of knowledge. Didn't Ron have a clone down in South America? lol
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  3. Zertel

    Zertel Patron

    Since this is the last day before the board closes I'll ramble a bit and by the way this topic continues on esmb2. I split scientology in 1982 and never read a word about it until I watched the "Going Clear" movie in 2015 which got me interested in taking a look at what was currently going on. What a surprise about how much things had changed! It was like I had stepped into a time machine and had stepped out 30 plus years later.

    I googled Mark Rathbun and started reading his blog. Fast forward a year and someone who went by the name LoneStar posted some music videos by a group called "Ghost" which is a Satanic act and the fans go along with it in concert. Being an old time rock and roller I got interested in their music and word cleared a ton of occult words in their lyrics. At the same time George M. White was diving into his investigation of the occult roots in scientology and I followed along as he was reading Blavatsky and the gang as well as delving into other areas of the occult. So that was my general introduction into the field of the occult which I had never studied before and I got a pretty good overview.

    Here's an animated video from Ghost which George liked. He and a fellow who was a Mason began discussing the symbols and so on in the video which have similarities to scientology.

    From the video, "What if man could harness the power of a god? In a sense, he would need God no longer, yes?" haha

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  4. Caroline

    Caroline Patron Meritorious

    Ron's problem with clones was that they we eventually learn to talk back. :D
    The reason I asked is because in a way, Hubbard's system has the "splitting" being the therapy, not the historical problem or issue. This made a big impression on me when I first started studying Scientology critically. I was wondering if you were thinking of some kabbalistic or other reference to a philosophic worldview, where beings are initially or ultimately joined, and the splitting or separation is the problem to be dealt with.

    Now I wonder if you might be referring to the "Individual Track Map," that has separate lines for theta and the genetic entity. Here's that document, from Tech Vol 1. If we run short on time, I think Veda made a place for us/this thread on the new board. Either way, Happy Sunday!
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  5. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Thankyou Caroline.

    I wasn't referring to the track map in Vol 1. The map in History of Man was the only graphic I had in mind. There is a second graphic posted by the splinter group that used to call itself the Marcabians. LOL. They were kinda Ron's Orgers who's PCs had come across big barrel apparatus above the our Earth that snared and chopped up theta bodies coming into the vicinity. It actually seared them into geometric sections and burned or programmed functions into the parts; ears, eyes, legs etc. So that the Big Being now had hardware or rather software to compulsively build a body.

    The other splitting I was thinking of was sort of on the Role of Earth tape where it is said that the bodies of some captured missionaires are kept in stasis or floating in a tank with electronics. It would mean that no end of cycle was done before the Being was sent into another reincarnation or he escaped into a NEW identity. I came up with this stuff ALL the time when INT was OUT. Today I have major stress if my attention has to split between too many things at one time.

    I'm rambling. Can't even remember what set me on this track. Want to hurry and check the goodbye section now. 4 mintues to go!