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Memphis Mission 1997. Was Tommy Davis there?!

Wisened One

Hey: Was anyone here on ESMB at that Grand Opening Ceremony of Memphis Mission around 1997?

The 'biggies' were supposed to be there for it (Tom Cruise, John Travolta). But they didn't show.

The ones that were there: Juliette Lewis, Jenna Elfman (then a new scn), Lisa Marie, her mother, Priscilla Presley, Isaac Hayes, and I think Kirsty Alley. Jive Aces performed. I remember them smiling down on me as I stood next to the stage listening to them perform. In my mind, I felt a cross between guilt and pleasure that they were so nice to me. If they knew we were db freeloaders, would they still have smiled? :p

But...I'm trying to piece together something:

THAT is where I had a was standing just inches in front of DM.

Well, I THINK I may have met Tommy Davis there?! You see, there were 'bodyguards standing guard while Juliette and Jenna were talking in one of the main rooms of the Mission. Well, I was standing next to him talking to him for quite a while. I was actually kinda helping 'bodyguard' the celebs along side of him as throngs of raw public were streaming through the door. Some were pointing at Jenna and Juliette and asking me what movies Juliette was in and I and this bodyguard was listing them off. (He was very nice to talk to).

Anyways...I THINK it was a young Tommy Davis!? :ohmy: :unsure: Am I right?

Somebody help me out here who may've been there!

Side Note: I remember also running into some staff from my old org (Miami Org) and wondering what in the world they were doing in Memphis, TN! lol. I also met up with a nice Public from Miami that me and hubby liked: Barbara Ford. Her son Eric Ford used to hang out with us bookselling.

Anyway: If it indeed WAS Tommy...Whoa, huh? :confused2::eyeroll: