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Sometimes you just need to read about cult members views regarding cats in order to get a good laugh to sum up an evening……

Callie is 10 years young, spayed and in good health. She is a domestic short hair, with tortoiseshell fur. She is very in comm, loves people and is affectionate and playful. Her big pleasure in life is people who love her because then she can love them back.

She has been in a Scientology environment since she was 6 months old (we got her from an animal shelter) and we want her to continue to be in a Scientology environment, where she will be granted a lot of beingness as she is a very special being.

If you would like to help us and be her adoptive “parent(s),” please call Lara C..... at (323) 960-xxxx.
Dear Razzies,

I am looking for someone to adopt my cat, Rooney. She is a VERY sweet and theta female orange tabby. She is a little over a year old. I recently adopted her from a shelter, however it is not working out for us with our little puppy. I want her to go to a very loving home where she gets lots of attention.
I am asking for a small rehoming fee of $80. She is up-to-date on all of her shots, deworming, and spaying. I will also give you her litterbox, a whole box of litter, her cat toys, her bed, and dry food.
If you are interested in her, please text/call me at (626) 807-xxxx. I will respond quicker to texts as I may not be able to answer my cell phone during work.

Thank you, much!


A hat tip to my daughter who wrote this post. Mimsey


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The wife just got another cat, she calls her Bertie. But not all cats are "theta." This one refuses to get along with our other cat, a snipling male, who is friendly and gets along with everybody and everything, except that this 13 year old cat from the shelter is pyschotic and refuses to leave the bedroom. That means we had to put a litter box in there just for her. The other cat is indoor/outdoor and poops outside most of the time, which saves a lot of work, but not "Bertie." She is also a constant hairball puker and routinely craps up the bed with her puking and her shedding. She is not affectionate at all and is completely disgusting. I came up with name after name for her, none of which were all that nice. But I finally found one that I really like to call her ... "Miss Creosote" after "Mr. Creosote" from the famous fat man scene in the Monte Python movie. I will repost that scene here, it is what I think of that disgusting cat. At least the movie scene is funny because someone else is having to clean up and not me!